Parts for EAGO Ariel Platinum Steam Showers

As a Premier Factory authorized dealer of Ariel Steam shower Parts, Mesa Steam shower parts, EAGO steam showers, Ameristeam, Royal SSWW , Wasauna we have the ability to get you any parts you need and we ship worldwide , We carry a full line of parts for All Ariel Platinum Steam showers by EAGO , If you do not find the part you are looking, or not sure the part you are looking for is the correct one for you then please  e-mail us with the model number and pictures of the front of your shower and a picture of the parts you need and we will get it for you. We carry parts from the smallest clip or bracket to large panels and computer controls, Lights and Valves. shipping worldwide thruout Canada, US, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland,   Germany, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Carribean and beyond.

Ariel, Mesa , EAGO, Wasauna,  Ameristeam, Royal SSWW  Shower Parts We have parts for them all.

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If you do not find the parts you are looking for please contact us at  or 1-888-556-1912

26 thoughts on “Ariel Platinum Steam Shower Parts

  1. Tim says:

    Our steamer stopped working a couple years ago could we get this fixed ? Not sure if it needs a part or the generator steam unit ?

  2. Bryan says:

    I need the part that holds in the water control valve. It’s an older Ariel corner shower with steam. Not sure of the shower model number. I have been looking all over for the part.

  3. Ken Barney says:

    The temperature control knob turns easily counterclockwise making the water hotter, but will not turn clockwise. Does the valve need replaced or can it be serviced?

    • Eago Parts says:

      It most likely needs to be replaced. You can try to remove it and soak it overnight in CLR or Vinegar to see if it frees up a bit but will most likely only be a temp fix at best. We have them in stock.

        • Eago Parts says:

          you probably have a build up of calcium behind the knob that is causing it to not come loose. Try rocking the knob back and forth and if necessary, use a small piece of wood against the glass and then a screw driver or small pry bar to carefully work your way around the knob until it comes off.

    • Eago Parts says:

      Yes we supply glass panels for Ariel Platinum and EAGO steam showers. Please email your model number and pics of the front of shower showing the panel you need and your shipping address so we can quote you including shipping. Email to


  4. Mike Thrasher says:

    Looking for a part on my platinum Ariel steam shower it’s a plastic wand holder That mount’s to the pole I just need the plastic part that holds the shower wand and not The chrome sliding bracket this actually screws into the sliding bracket

  5. Ken Pickles says:

    Is there a way to increase the flow/ pressure coming from the water jets of my shower. I have about 50 psi system pressure and shower is being feed with 1/2 pex tubing.

    • Cameron Oliver says:

      Pressure of jets is determined by the pressure in your water lines. To ensure full pressure going to the jets, make sure the diverter valve is set on just one set of jets and not in between 2 features, also ensure that the water flow control valve is wide open, turned all the way to the left. And check that you do not have calcium buildup on the jet orifaces that can restrict water from flowing out of the jets.

  6. Abbe Kya says:

    Hi: I need to replace the display control panel for 3KW TR-019 steam generator. Do you have one. This one needs to have a a round connector with four pins.

    Thank you.

  7. Bob says:

    Can you provide instructions for aligning the gears in the ergo Thermostatic Faucet for bathtub. I had to remove the knob ( it was loose and I needed to clean under it) and the gears came up with the knob and I don’t know the proper alignment to put everything back. I tried but not successful for getting hot water.

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