Infrared Sauna Parts

We carry a wide variety of replacement parts to fit your Far infrared Sauna produced by Josen Saunas and marketed in Canada and USA under many different brand names  Such as GENERA SAUNAS, BEAUTY SAUNAS, FAR NORTH SAUNAS, SUNSET SAUNAS and other names and were sold thru Costco, Home Depot, Canadian tire and many other retailers.  If you are not certain if the parts we have will fit your sauna please email us with a picture of the front of your sauna and picture of the keypad on your sauna and we can usually identify the manufacturer for you.  Many of our sauna parts will also fit many other manufacturers products. Shipping worldwide thruout Canada, US, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland,   Germany, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Carribean and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Infrared Sauna Parts

  1. Russell says:


    We have an old Physiotherm infrared sauna and the power supply has gone.

    Do you have any ‘plug and play’ type ceramic infrared sauna kits?

    Our sauna elements / panels are as follows:
    * 2 x 850mm
    * 2 x 710mm

    Though we could make slightly larger work.

    We are in Sydney Australia (240V) if that helps.

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