taking a steam bath daily

Numerous medical studies have proved that steam baths provide many health and beauty benefits. A steam bath not only opens pores that allow impurities to leave the body, but it will improve circulation, soothe achy joints and relaxes tired muscles. In a vast majority of cases, how often people use steam baths is a personal matter, but the question still remains, is a daily steam bath healthy? Fortunately, the answer is yes…but.


In colonial times, Benjamin Franklin took daily steam baths by an open window. He believed that once the steam drew toxins from the body, fresh air would cause them to evaporate. In colonial times, hot baths with lots of steam were the prescribed treatment for many ailments.

Not much has changed from colonial times to the present. There are many people who enjoy the health–and social–benefits offered with steam baths. Fortunately, many medical practitioners endorse this, but with a caveat: watch the duration.

Generally speaking, a daily steam bath taken by a healthy person poses no health risks. The danger that hides in the shadows is when there are extenuating health circumstances that might be affected by those steam baths. For example, people with heart ailments should exercise caution when using steam baths due to the added stress posed by such a regimen. This is not to say that they should not use steam baths, just that they should exercise caution when doing so. The key, in these cases, is held by that patient’s doctor, who should be consulted prior to using a steam bath.

Even for people who are generally heathy, however, the duration of steam baths–not necessarily their frequency–should be kept at 20-30 minutes per day. Doing this every day by a healthy person should pose no health risks.

At EagoParts.com, we’re not in the business of dispensing medical advice. The only person who should be advising you in such situations is your physician. We can point to the numerous benefits that have been and continue to be enjoyed by those who use steam baths for their health benefits. Further, anyone, healthy or not, should seek the advice of their physician prior to beginning a regimen of regular steam baths.

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