How to Upgrade Your Shower Experience

Most of us shower at least once every day, so it’s important to make sure that shower time is both pleasant and comfortable. Even if you’re only taking a quick one, taking steps to make it the best experience will enable you to feel fully revitalized and refreshed once you’re done. Even though showering is an activity that most people would describe as being routine or mundane, there’s always some room for improvement. We’ve listed some of the best ways to improve your shower experience.

#1. Clean Your Shower Regularly:

Nobody likes cleaning their shower, but unfortunately, it’s an essential task that needs to be done. Not only does a clean, sparkling and fresh-smelling shower make the whole experience of getting washed up a much nicer one, it’s also essential for your health and for keeping unwanted pests out of your home. Cleaning your shower at least once per month also helps to prevent mold, which is vital for keeping allergies and illnesses at bay.

#2. Upgrade Your Shower Head:


Luxury Rain Shower Head

Something as basic as a weak or old shower head can become a bigger problem when you’re using the shower. If upgrading your whole bathroom isn’t in your budget, you might want to consider getting a new showerhead. A showerhead that provides a strong, steady stream of water, or includes functions such as a massage setting, can turn any regular shower into a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Rain shower heads are also becoming more popular – look into the different options at A filter showerhead is designed to eliminate the chlorine often found in tap water, making it easier on the health of your skin and hair.

#3. Change Your Loofah Regularly:

If like many people you use a loofah when you shower, don’t forget to replace it with a new one on a regular basis. A loofah that you’ve had in your bathroom for some time will quickly start to cultivate bacteria, spreading it all over your body when you wash. In some cases, this can lead to serious health problems and infections, so don’t let your loofahs stick around for too long. If it turns a different color or begins to give off a strange smell, replace it immediately.

#4. Upgrade Your Shower Routine:

Along with keeping the bathroom environment clean and clutter-free, making some simple changes to your shower routine each morning or evening can improve the experience for you. Applying a face mask before, rather than after you shower can help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Using a good moisturizing cream or serum immediately after showering and patting your skin dry will ‘lock-in’ the moisture from your shower. Exfoliate once a week to eliminate any dead skin cells and refresh your skin and keep your hair in good condition by shampooing it gently to avoid any tangles and breaks.

The shower is one of the most-used appliances in the home, so make sure that you’re having a good one every time.


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