Things to Consider When Choosing a Steam Shower

Getting a steam shower for your home is a great choice because you get to experience an in-house spa retreat that offers a lot of benefits for your body. Before you choose which steam shower to get, consider the things listed below:

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  • Be sure to install the steam shower generator within 20 to 25 feet of the steam shower enclosure.
  • The steam shower generator should be able to quickly boil water to produce an adequate amount of steam within a few minutes.
  • The steam shower generator should run quietly and produce steam evenly on a consistent basis. Source: Homebuilding
  • Make sure you have sufficient room. Space requirements are not to be overlooked when considering a steam enclosure. This is particularly true with modular units that you’re planning on installing in an existing bathroom or some other location. Make sure you fully comprehend their footprint size so that you’re not overcrowding the existing space you have.
  • Health benefits & health cautions too. A steam enclosure provides a number of beneficial health effects from deep skin cleansing and respiratory benefits to deep relaxation. But they’re also not for everyone. Manufacturers note that if you have prevailing heart conditions, high blood pressure or are pregnant you should avoid steam showers. Your physician will be able to advise you on whether you’re fit for a steam room.
  • Get the right size steam generator. Steam generators are available in 120-volt and 240-volt capacities. Look at it like steam generating “horsepower”. A 120-volt steam generator may be okay for small steam enclosures but larger steam rooms might need the capacity of a 240-volt unit. The other point this raises is whether your bathroom (or wherever you’re going to locate the unit) has access to the right voltage feed. Check with a certified electrician if you have questions. Source: Home-Style-Choices
  • There can’t be any exposed plaster or drywall in the area or the steam will make it soggy.
  • The door to the shower must be sealed tight.
  • Make sure there aren’t any holes in the grout around the shower. If there are, fill in the holes with silicone sealer and finish with a grout sealer. Source: DIYNetwork

Indulge in the relaxation brought about by taking a steam shower. We can help you choose the right one to fit your needs. Contact us!


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