Buying Guide : Finding The Steam Shower That Is Right For You


One of the primary mistakes home owners make when selecting their steam shower is the size!

Needless to say. I’ve got an area in my bathroom which is 48″ x 48″ hence you might think that the unit that will suit perfectly will be a 48″  Steam shower, perfect fit, very simple! Not the case, because of the way that the steam shower is constructed with all the water and electrical connections safely away across the back. The plumber should have space to assemble it away from the walls of the bathroom and push it into place to fit it in.
The overall rule of thumb for installation to become possible is, there should be sufficient room for the shower unit to stand up a min of 10-12″ from its final sitting area and for a plumber to go right behind it on all sides, this means if your plumber has not been for too many bacon sandwiches today, the best system for that particular space would be a 36″ x 36″ area, leaving an area behind the shower of 12″ for him to get in to build. Units could be turned and taken around a point at any time during the installation to get access though as I pointed out previously that the general rule to follow is to access and get to all the sides of the shower from front to back at anytime.

The particular height of the shower is yet another concern; on top of the unit will be the radio, cable connections into the overhead shower together with the fan. For the fan to operate properly and the cable connections to be made to the over head shower you’ll likely need an additional 6-8″mm, ask the dealer if you’re not sure.


Yet again. this choice will considerably depend on your available room instead of what you really wish to have. Given the option, money not an object, it should be whirlpool bath each time. The higher quality steam shower  come with full spec whirlpool multi jet systems which allow you to enjoy their many published advantages. In case you desired to fit the 66″ whirlpool you will require a total bathroom length of no less than 78″, leaving 12″ on the other hand to do the fitting and so the tub could be slid to allow the area in the opposite side as long as you could get around the back.

This actually leaves us with Low Level Vs SMALL TUB. The two have their own pros and cons. A small tub offers the capability to ‘soak your feet’ or operate a small bath for a little one or animal, while a low step offers easy access and a cooler appearance.

How to choose best steam shower for you



As mentioned before with increasingly more companies getting into the marketplace and no-one wanting to be out done there has never been a much better time for you to buy a steam shower. 99% of steam showers are now filled with all possible features and gadgets that are present on the majority of systems, so as long as the system you’ve got your attention on has all the regular monsoon overhead shower, hand shower, radio and water jets and let alone all the essential steam generator you cannot make a mistake. The sole thing I will mention is that all the contemporary and up to date steam showers are Touchscreen display. It’s not that there’s something wrong with the older PUSH BUTTON type, only if you can have touch screen not only does it appear far better, it operates better and also the systems are more up to date types.


While having a whizzy shower with all the bells and whistles is great, keep in mind there is a vast difference in the quality of steam showers than just the price tag. Some things to look out for is the thickness of the glass. Look for models that have 8-10mm glass thickness vs 4-6mm glass panels. Also note if just the front clear panels are glass or is the entire structure made of tempered glass or is the main structure made from Acrylic… as an acrylic shower will not be as durable as one made out of all glass panels. Look closely at the base of the shower to ensure that it has a full metal frame under the base of the shower to be able to support the weight of anyone showering not just a little child or skinny woman. If there is not sufficient support under the base then the base will bounce and will easily fatigue and become a problem area. An important thing to not overlook is the warranty. Most cheaper showers have very little warranty, better showers will have a 5yr warranty. Also look closely at the fine print to see what it actually covers…. eg.  some resellers will say they give a 10yr warranty but when you look at the fine print what they are actually covering for that time period is virtually nothing.

Those are the largest considerations when choosing the best steam shower for your bathroom. A steam shower is a superb, soothing and luxurious buy that’s more than a fantastic addition on anyone’s life and also bathroom. Hopefully this informative article will help you and everybody else begin on the correct foot on the way to your quest into an ideal steam shower  home spa bathroom destination.


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