3 Ways to Stop Hair from Clogging the Bathroom Drain

Do you often experience the struggle when you shower and then there’s a mini flood going on, because the drain gets clogged with your hair? It’s so annoying and disgusting. Stop it from happening again by doing the following tips:

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Prevent hair fall
Some hair is going to fall out in the shower while you are washing and conditioning, but there are some things you can do to keep hair out of your drains to start with. Brush your hair thoroughly before entering the shower. When loose hair collects on your fingers while shampooing and conditioning, set it on a shelf or the edge of the tub instead of dropping it into the water. If you prevent as much hair from entering the tub drain as possible, use a strainer to keep the rest out and then regularly use a cleaning or clog-preventing product on your drains, you should not have a clogging problem. Source: Hunker

Install a drain screen
This is a piece of metal mesh that can be purchased at a local hardware store and that will fit directly over your current drain opening. It will trap any extra soap scum, hair, or other debris, keeping it from going down the drain. Read the installation directions closely, as you may need to secure the screen on top of the drain with plumber’s putty.

Make sure to remove the screen and clean it on a periodic basis to keep the water from backing up into your shower. Source: WikiHow

Drench it with vinegar
Always keep a bottle of vinegar in the bathroom. Along with its many uses around the house, vinegar is a cheap way to keep your drains clear. Simply pour half a bottle of white vinegar down the drain every 3 months and it should do the trick. The secret is to let it sit for 10 minutes (the acid will remove any clogs that are forming) and then flush with hot water. Source: Home.BT

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