3 Tips for Installing a Steam Shower

Thinking about recreating the experience at home by turning your ordinary shower stalls into warm, vaporous havens called steam showers? Continue reading to learn about some important tips for installing a steam shower at home.


Steam Generator Installation
After gathering your tools and materials and selecting a steam generator that is right for your home, locate the steam generator and have an electrician install a 240 volt circuit. The unit must be placed in a wide-open area that is above freezing. Shut off the water at the main, and close the valves at the water heater.  Source: DIYNetwork

Ensure that the room containing the steam shower unit is built from mold resistant drywall, and provides necessary ventilation in order to prevent buildup of moisture in the room. Excess moisture can grow molds, mildews, and other structural damages. A single exhaust fan is sufficient for almost all residential steam shower installations.
Ensure that the electrical supply for the steam shower unit is GFCI protected, due to the proximity of electricity and water in the unit. The size of the line will depend mostly on the size of your steam generator. Typical sizes of steam generators range from 3000 Watt to 6000 Watt. These would require 240 Volt, 40 Amp line, or 30 Amp for smaller steam generators. Electrician services may be needed in this step, in order to prevent electric shocks. Source: wikiHow

All finish materials need to be caulked and, if applicable, sealed. There are few limitations on finish material, so long as there is a layer of waterproofing in place and the generators are pumping steam. You can use sheet metals, acrylic panels, tile and stone or slab material if you want a typical shower. Just ensure there are cut-outs around the steam generators and shower hardware. Alternatively, create something completely unique, such as a river-rock pan featuring a 2-foot standing pool with knee-high wall waterfalls and a floating shower platform created out of teak. Accent this type of steam shower with green marble walls and copper-sheet, metal ceilings. The only limit is your budget. Source: HomeGuides

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