Does an Infrared Saunas help with Weight Loss

far infrared saunas and weight loss

infrared’s fight against obesity

Obesity, we all know it, we all see it, but do we really understand it? Obesity is one of the most silent, yet widespread health epidemics that our generation faces today. In silence, millions of people bear the constant burden of suffering through obesity alone.

According to the American Heart Association, “Most Americans older than 20 are overweight or obese. Over 159 million U.S. adults – or about 69 percent – are overweight or obese.”

It is all around us, yet is never fully addressed in a way that is both healthy and supportive. At , we understand that obesity is not the result of poor lifestyle choices, but natural biological factors that are regulating our weight. Working together with your body, far infrared saunas are a healthy, effortless weight loss solution with proven results.

Obesity can often be mistreated with oversimplified answers. As with the emotional complexity that comes with obesity, there are so many solutions for your body beyond exercise and diet. For many individuals, they are unable to achieve weight loss even with continual efforts. So why is it, that one person can lose weight more easily than another? Well, the answer for many people is an internal biological factor; their body is overly acidic.

“ When a system is too acidic, the body produces more insulin than usual. The more insulin that is available, the higher chance the fat will be stored rather than burned as energy, making it difficult for weight loss. To protect itself the body will hold onto the weight” – evolutionhealth

This is why at , we believe the most effective way to combat obesity is to treat it at its core with non-invasive infrared heat. 100% ceramic heaters emit temperatures typically between 90 to 140 °F. This is the most effective temperature to set your far infrared sauna because your fat will become water-soluble at 100°F. This is when the heat penetrates deep into your skin to move the water through your body and is eventually extracted from your body, resulting in natural weight loss. The use of the sauna for weight management is great especially for those with mobility issues because it has the effect of not just sweating and water loss but your body actually burns calories in a far infrared sauna by raising your pulse while at the same time lowering your bodies blood pressure making it safe for most anyone to use.

If your body has a naturally high level of acid, the deep energy of far infrared saunas will work internally to push the toxins out of your body. Obesity can be debilitating emotionally and physically. With the relaxing benefits of infrared saunas working with your body instead of against it, feel yourself transform into the person you want to be and the person we always knew you were. View our Saunas to see how you can begin your journey towards wellness today!

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