InFrared Sauna How to Use


To get the most benefit from your FAR INFRARED SAUNA OR CONVENTIONAL SAUNA you will want to follow a few suggestions.

You want to remember that the Sauna is not supposed to be just a hot room to make you sweat. It is to Rejuvenate you and to Relax you. An Infrared sauna session should never be rushed. 

Make sure you have lots of liquids before and after sauna bathing, this will aid in flushing the toxins from your body and replace the hydration of the body. Drink what you like, Beer or Water, Just drink lots!

Also while many prudish people here in North America have an embarrassment with the naked body, You will enjoy it much more not being confined in any way, just sitting naked on a towel or if you must, loosely wrap a towel around yourself.

The Sauna is not a sexual experience it is a Relaxation experience!

Begin your Infrared sauna experience by wetting your body from head to toe with a hot shower. Do so for Infrared Sauna and Conventional Sauna bathing. By wetting yourself prior to Sauna bathing it helps promote sweating and helps to cool the surface of your skin when in the sauna so the heat does not feel so intense on your skin.

While you are encouraged to use abundant amounts of water in a conventional rock sauna. Splashing the water over the rocks and dumping cup fulls of water over your head.  (NOTE DO NOT SPLASH WATER ON INFRARED ELEMENTS….DOING SO WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY)

I would also suggest in an Infrared Sauna to have a small bucket of water with a wet towel you can use to wet the surface of your skin from time to time. Cooling the surface of your skin making the sauna heat more enjoyable.

Make sure to rinse any creams or lotions from your body prior to Sauna Bathing as the creams and lotions can clog pores and reduce the amount of sweat produced.

Some women have excellent results by shaving in sauna while sweating. They have found by doing so they get a smoother and more long lasting shave. Try for yourself and see what works best for you.

If you have time for it, and like to have a longer Sauna session. I suggest using the sauna for 10-15 min then go out and have a shower cleansing your skin and then sit outside with a beer or some other drink to cool yourself a little before going back in for another session followed by further showering.

If you are near a lake or in winter some Finns like to jump in a lake or roll in the snow in between sauna sessions. It helps to strengthen ones heart.

As long as you are in reasonably good shape it will not give you a heart attack.


To get any real benefit from your Sauna I recommend using it Daily, or at least 2-3 times a week.

It will take 6-12 sessions before you will notice a marked difference in your complexion and start to really feel a marked improvement in your health.

Most Finns use their Saunas daily in summer and winter. Is there little wonder then why they are known for great soft clear skin and strong hearts?!!. Statistics show Finns have among the longest life spans of any group of people, they attribute this to the constant use of the Sauna.

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