how infrared Saunas helps kill cancer cells

This month we are focusing on what it means to detoxify the mind and body as you give back to your health through natural healing. Infrared heat not only helps detoxify the body and mind by pulling out heavy metals and chemicals, it does so while promoting relaxation. This deep detoxification is shown to help kill cancer cells, enabling you to experience a long lasting health!

According to, “In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease.”

Cancer affects people all across the globe. You may even know a friend or family member who is experiencing this serious health issue. In improving your health naturally, infrared heat is precise and proven to help prevent or reverse cancer cells from becoming deadly.

infrared saunas for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases

When treating cancer, heat treatments are often used because when the body experiences high temperatures, it creates hypothermia, which affects the cells of the body and eradicates cancerous cells, according to

However, these heat treatments that are often abrasive end up hurting normal cells. Dr. Irvin Sahni from Baylor College of Medicine, states that infrared heat is different in that it increases the body temperature without exposing it to negative and harmful ultraviolet spectrum. Infrared heat selectively kills off the cancer cells while normal cells are able to withstand the heat and remain unharmed.

Improve cancer remission and elongate your wellness journey by using infrared heat as a part of your regular health routine. Detoxify the mind and body by getting back to nature and heal from the inside out. To find out how you can gain natural healing contact us today and start receiving the many benefits of your infrared sauna


Contributed by : Aaron Gruenke foremost expert in Saunas and heat therapy



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