How to best use a sauna to make it a spa day everyday?

First time Sauna guide to make a spa day everyday.

Muscle tension is a symptom that often comes with hard work that few have the luxury of avoiding. Whether you are sitting at an office or painting the side of a house, the physical discomfort that comes with working hours on end is often neglected. Leaving you exhausted and drained, people often go to spas to seek relief and relaxation. While this can provide temporary relief, most people do not have the time or money to make this a regular session. With the Beauty Saunas sold by EagoParts, they combine the warm, soothing benefits of our infrared saunas with the mobile ability of conveniently residing in your own home.

With these tips and guidelines you can be ensured of having the ultimate getaway for utter relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Let your body soak in the soft energy of far infrared heat, and begin to see the transformation of your health. With these infrared tips, let your infrared sauna become an essential part of your everyday life.

Sauna guidelines for first time users  

  How best to use a sauna


For optimal results, we recommend setting your infrared sauna air temperature at a base of 120 – 130 °F. While every body adjusts to temperatures at different speeds, there are no additional therapeutic health benefits from temperatures hotter than 140 °F.

For the first two weeks

We recommend starting with 4 sessions a week for 30-minute sessions. The key to achieving substantial results is to listen to your body. After experiencing the first few sessions, you can gauge for yourself if you are ready to increase the duration of your sessions or infrared temperatures. Beginning at a comfortable pace, you will start to see your body naturally build a tolerance for withstanding infrared heat as the far infrared heat will penetrate deep into your bodies core to heat your body from its core. Causing your body to start a condition known as Hyperthermia, which fools your body to think there is an infection to fight off and thus causes extra white blood cell production which is good for building bodies immunity..

Regular use

After the first two weeks, you will begin to see that your body will become more accustomed to raising your body’s core temperatures. In doing so, you will begin to sweat more frequently than at the beginning of your infrared journey. Once you begin to see your body adjusting to the emission of far infrared energy, we recommend increasing the core temperatures to 140 °F for 5 sessions a week. As you begin to regulate your sessions, your body will begin to fully utilize the healing benefits of infrared saunas.

With Beauty Saunas truly healthy saunas, let tranquility overtake you as all of your tension begins to wash away. Retreat to a relaxing oasis without ever leaving your home. Visit our sauna selection to see which one is right for you.


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