Improve Your Health Use A Sauna

Improve Your Health Use a Sauna


For Hundreds of years Finns and other Nordic people have been using Saunas for health and relaxation. Scandinavians are known for their long lifespan and impeccable soft and smooth complexion; They attribute this to there daily use of the sauna and many Sauna Benefits.

Now Saunas have really come of age and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness and benefits of using a sauna.  Especially beneficial are new Far Infrared Saunas or FIR Saunas as they are called. FIR Saunas use light energy to heat the bodies core temperature to promote sweating. FIR is totally safe and is not to be confused with harmful UV or X rays. In fact our bodies actually absorb this beneficial FIR light energy and use it to heal itself. Making FIR Saunas particularly beneficial for use in healing from sports injuries, Arthritis and other muscular skeletal injuries.

Other sauna benefits found in studies show they help to promote weight loss as you can actually burn up to 600 calories in one 30 min session (the same as rowing for 30 min). There are also benefits such as detoxification from heavy sweating.

Saunas also help to improve the immune system by heating the bodies core temperature, inducing an artificial fever. As your body works to combat the artificial fever, your bodies immune system is strengthened and improves your bodies ability to fight disease.

Added to the benefits are Pain Relief, Stress relief, Increased Blood Circulation, and Improved skin tone.

While most people are familiar with Saunas, many people have shied away from traditional rock saunas because of the intense heat making them uncomfortable and difficult for many to breath. With FIR Saunas you do not need to suffer from the high heat associated with rock saunas. You can enjoy a sauna experience and the many benefits at a much lower and easy to breathe temperature. Add to that, new FIR saunas come easy to install plugging into a standard electrical outlet and assemble in minutes. Most also include Color Therapy mood Lighting and CD Players to listen to your favourite music while you relax.

So with all the benefits of saunas it is worth it for everyone to investigate the use of a sauna for themselves.


Sauna Benefits Contributed By Aaron Gruenke, Sauna Expert  www.EagoParts.Com




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