Ways to Make a Bathroom More Kid-Friendly

Check out some ways to help keep your child safe by securing dangerous items and adding some new safety features to your bathroom. Below are some tips and tricks to make a bathroom more kid friendly:

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Kids’ Bathroom Safety
Children younger than 6 years old should NOT be left unattended in the bathtub. They should also not be in the bathroom alone if there is water in the bathtub.

Empty the tub after baths. Make sure the tub is empty before you leave the bathroom.

Older siblings bathing with younger ones should NOT be put in charge of a younger child’s safety. There should be an adult in the bathroom during bath time.

Preventing fall: Prevent slipping in the tub by using non-skid decals or a rubber mat inside the tub. Dry the floor and your child’s feet after a bath to prevent slips.

Preventing Burns: Prevent injuries or burns from faucets by covering the spout, blocking your child’s reach to the spout, and teaching your child not to touch the spout. Keep the temperature on your hot water heater set below 120°F (49°C). Or, install an anti-scald valve to prevent the water from going above 120°F (49°C).

Preventing Other Injuries: Keep other items in your bathroom that may hurt your child out of their reach. These include:

  • Shaving razors
  • Radios
  • Hair dryers
  • Curling irons

Preventing Drug Accidents: Any medicines kept in the bathroom should be stored in a locked cabinet. This includes medicines that were bought without a prescription.

Preventing Drowning: Place a lid lock on the toilet to prevent a curious toddler from drowning.

Make sure grandparents, friends, and other caretakers follow bathroom safety guidelines. Make sure your child’s daycare also follows these guidelines. Source: MedlinePlus

Kids’ Bathroom Themes & Décor
Some families prefer themed bathrooms. This is helpful in planning the color, décor and other features. Here are some popular children’s’ bathroom themes.

  • Ocean or beach themed bathroom
  • Jungle themed bathroom
  • Rubber duck themed bathroom
  • Favorite cartoon character themed bathroom
  • Rainbow themed bathroom

If you didn’t decide on a specific theme for the children’s’ bathroom, that’s OK. You can enhance the look with a few décor options. The shower curtain is one of the largest decorative elements in the bathroom. Choose this carefully as this can help set the rest of the décor for the room. To give the bathroom a personal touch, frame a few of your child’s drawings or paintings and hang in the room.

Another opportunity you can change to impact the room’s décor is the mirror. There are many fun and practical options out there for a child’s bathroom. Source: ImproveNet

Kids’ Bathroom Color
Your child may be three, six, or ten now, but someday she will become a teenager and then an adult. You definitely don’t want to be left with a frog-themed bathroom featuring a Lilliputian counter and a squatty toilet forever! Instead of designing a bathroom’s fixtures around your child, add personality with paint and accessories. That way, the room can be updated to suit teenagers and eventually adults. The bright pink paint in this bathroom by Greenbelt Homes can become light blue once your daughter turns seventeen, and bright orange towels can be swapped out for more subdued ones. Plus, as your child develops interests, tastes, and preferences all her own, they can easily be incorporated into the design. Source: ApartmentTherapy


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