Universal Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Thinking about how long you’ll likely stay in your home can help you plan a universal design for your bathroom. This is beneficial to everyone in the family including the children and the elderly. If you have no idea where to start, here are some great tips:

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Single-lever faucets
When choosing a faucet, it’s important to keep in mind how people with limited mobility will use it. A single-lever design can be turned off and on with an open palm or a closed fist, which makes it the perfect addition to a universally designed bathroom. Source: BHG

Flooring that prevents slips
Textured flooring in any location can help prevent dangerous trips, slips, and falls. Tile presents a variety of textural possibilities in the bathroom that can work for universal-design updates. “In showers, we like to cut the tiles in a two-by-two size so that you have a lot of grout in between to prevent slipping,” says Kelly. Larger floor-mat tiles with a bit of texture can also create more friction for walking. Source: ThisOldHouse

Ample space
Wheelchair-accessible bathroom dimensions require clear space of at least 5 feet (60 inches) in diameter to allow a 180-degree turn. If space is at a premium, consider keeping the room open rather than compartmentalizing the toilet so that a wheelchair’s turning radius can be accommodated. Source: HouseLogic

Easy access
Create an easy-to-use bathroom on your home’s main level. If your house has more than one floor, make sure an accommodating bathroom is located on the main level. That way, family members or guests who might not be able to handle stairs will have access to a comfortable bathroom, making your home more welcoming for everyone. Source:  DIYNetwork

Grab bars
Whether a bather is 6 or 60, anyone could use the security of a grab bar in the shower. Sleek grab bars can double as towel holders, and there are modern options that will complement the overall look of your bathroom rather than detracting from it. Source: HGTV

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