Pest Control Considerations During a Bathroom Renovation

Do you think Pest Control during a bathroom renovation is necessary?  Well, it certainly is important.  Often when we are doing a bathroom renovation we will find evidence of a pest infestation.The warm moist conditions are prone to many different kinds of pests.

Renovating spaces in your house increases the risk for pest infestation. This includes mice, ants, termites, wasps, and bees.The risk comes as materials are being stripped from walls, floors, and ceilings and opening your home to the outside world.The areas become open and vulnerable to pests that want to enter your home.

One of the favorite places for insects is where it there is moisture, humidity and food.That means a bathroom is perfect. When doing your bathroom renovation you may find those pests even when you didn’t know you have them.

If there has been a plumbing issue, you may just have drain flies.They come in large numbers and can breed inside drains that have accumulations of organic matter.Drain flies can also breed where water and decay exist.  They will enter the bathroom thru the sewer main, a break in the line or perhaps dry drain taps that are not frequently used.

We recommend using Natural Pest Solutions for Pest Inspections at the start of a remodeling project to help protect your home from any pest invasion.

dealing with ants during a home renovation

Ant Control during your Bathroom Renovation

Ants are attracted to areas of high moisture such as bathrooms.  They are also attracted to scents coming from drains, stagnate water as well as hair that has been stuck in the drain.  Once they find a food source for their colony they bring their friends.

Carpenter ants tunnel into wood to nest which will damage any wooden structure.This is a problem often found in bathrooms where wood is moist.  This makes it much easier for the carpenter ants to tunnel and cause damage.  Keep in mind carpenter ants like to nest far beneath the surface so if you use a store bought chemical you may miss some.  Which means they are still nesting in your wood and come back to invade you nice new bathroom remodel.

Call Natural Pest Solutions.They are the professionals to call when you need ant control.


Mice control during your bathroom renovation

Mice are capable of entering your home through openings smaller than you would imagine.  They can come through drainage pipes if not properly sealed.  Mice enter through sink and bathtub drains as well.  They can even find and fit their way through plumbing lines. And, they love to breed, making a complete infestation happen pretty quickly.

During a bathroom renovation, many of these spaces are opened and exposed.This is the perfect opportunity for mice to take advantage and find a nice cozy place to stay.

Natural Pest Solutions has the solutions to keep those slinky mice from coming up through the cracks!

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