Replacement EAGO Toilet Seats and EAGO Parts for EAGO™ Toilets

As a Premier Factory authorized dealer of EAGO™ Bathroom products, We carry a full line of parts for All Fresca, Tassili and Ariel Platinum toilets by EAGO™ , If you do not find the part you are looking, or not sure the part you are looking for is the correct one for you then please  e-mail us with the model number and pictures of the front of your toilet and a picture of the parts you need and we will get it for you. We carry parts from toilet seats to flush valves and everything in between. shipping worldwide thruout Canada, US, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland,   Germany, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Carribean and beyond.

Ariel, EAGO, Tassili, Fresca, Luna Toilet Parts We have parts for them all.

EAGO Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats

TB358 Toilet Seat


Toilet Seats

TB357 Toilet Seat


Toilet Seats

TB359 Toilet Seat


Toilet Seats

TB346 Toilet Seat


Potty Training toilet seats

Easy Potty Training Toilet Seat


Toilet Seats

TB108 Toilet Seat


Toilet Seats

TB222 Toilet Seat


Toilet Seats

TB309 Toilet Seat



Toilet Flush Kits and Parts



Regardless of the model for your EAGO toilet we can supply you with spare parts. This is the best way to protect your investment, make sure, spare parts are available and can be shipped within a reasonable time..


  • Toilet seats
  • Tank filling system
  • Flushing system
  • Toilet seat bolts
  • Flushing buttons / Levers
  • Ceramic tank lid
  • Trap snorkels for 12″ rough In
  • Trap snorkels for 10″ rough In (select models only)
  • Toilet mounding Kit
  • Toilet tank High pressure hose

6 thoughts on “Toilet Parts

  1. David brumby says:

    My soft close seat has stopped soft closing. The lid works fine. Anything I can replace or do to rectify this. Other than that I have two of them and am very pleased .

    • Cameron Oliver says:

      There is nothing to adjust with the seat mechanism. If the seat is not slow closing anymore then the mechanism in the hinge has failed and seat will need to be replaced.

    • Cameron Oliver says:

      Please email pics of your toilet from the front and from the side from the floor up with the seat down and we can see if we can assist you.

      also send pics of the flush mechanism when you remove the top tank cover.

      email to

  2. Mark camilleri says:


    I have a eago toilet and i have a problem with the flushing system it is leaking water in the toilet. how can i know the model number pls so i can order the proper fitting.

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