Modern Vanity Cabinets for Bathrooms

To an extent, bathroom vanities are a purely functional bathroom item. They often hide the sink’s piping from immediate exposure, provide storage space for toiletries and bathroom necessities, and provide counter space for your daily routine of getting ready and winding down after a long day’s work. Yet, the modern bathroom asks for more out of its vanity station. The modern bathroom calls for a vanity that is not only functional, but also fashionable.  The modern vanity should be one that adds to the décor of the bathroom, giving it an air of luxury and sophistication. The modern vanity should be a delicate item that enhances your bathroom’s character and shapes your experience by creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

Subtle Vanity Drawers
Vanity cabinets can be traditionally obvious, or they can be subtle, making you forget that they actually serve a functional purpose outside of their intended design. This chic floating vanity has roll-out drawers that serve as the traditional cabinet space for this vanity design. The design is subtle, convenient and provides out-of-the way storage that leaves the bathroom floor spotless for a more roomy impression.

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Traditional Vanity Cabinets
Traditional vanity cabinetry normally contains a combination of cabinet space and drawers. In a double vanity, each sinks station usually features its own cabinet space with double doors with shared drawers to divide the two stations. Traditional cabinetry can be offered in a modern design to provide seamless, comfortable storage experience.

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Vanity Cabinetry Shelving
Another option for vanity cabinetry in a modern design comes in the forms of shelves. Open shelving allows the bathroom to seem more open and airy, rather than to have a big, bulky vanity in the middle of the room that’s taking up space. Vanities with open shelving give the impression of more space, because they are more transparent and don’t seem to use up quite the same amount of space as the average vanity.

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Complimentary Vanity Cabinets
For some of the more modern, minimalistic vanity designs, cabinetry is simply not in the equation. For small bathrooms and bathrooms with a minimalist design, bulky cabinetry may look out of place or reduce the décor of the bathroom space. For these bathrooms, additional storage space beside or near the small vanity may be a practical way of adding to the cabinetry in a non-intrusive, appealing manner.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these examples of modern vanity cabinets. Vanity cabinetry is almost as diverse as the vanities they complement, and it’s all about finding the right modern vanity with the right type of cabinetry for your bathroom’s specific needs. Before you go vanity shopping, make sure to take some measurements and have an idea of what you’re looking for before you go in to make a decision. Take some pictures, and keep track of measurements, drawer space, cabinet space, etc. so that you can make informed comparisons and come to an educated, informed decision.


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