Hottest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom speaks volumes about your personality as a homeowner. Its appearance is therefore very much important. As you embark upon remodeling your bathroom for presenting your family members a comfortable and appealing space and for impressing your guests, you cannot do without installing a trendy vanity cabinet. A modern and stylish vanity cabinet can transform the look of your old bathroom and give it a new makeover as you desired.

Being the center piece of a bathroom, you need to be careful enough before making a choice because a wrongly chosen vanity can spoil the overall look. An ideal contemporary vanity for bathroom is one which blends functionality and style and lends the necessary space for the bathroom fixtures and supplies. It also needs to complement the design of the room and be in tune with it. Carefully evaluate the available space dimensions and choose one that fits comfortably and elegantly in place.

Wall Hung Vanity

Wall Hung Vanity

As you look for transforming your bathroom with a new vanity, you need to be well aware of the latest trends in this field. Let’s take a look at the hottest and the current trends:

Natural wood:

When it is about designing, the trend of natural wood is making a good comeback. The latest trend is wood sink vanities with unique and exclusive wood styles and wood veneers. The trendiest ones with unparallel finishes are something to check out as you look for the right vanities for the makeover.

Wood Veneers:

The wood veneers are not only being used these days to make a cheaper wood look like an expensive one, but these are also used on costly wood to make them all the more attractive and exclusive. Exotic wood veneers are the current trend blending appearance and quality for bathroom vanities. 

Patterned Wood Veneers:

A hot trend in the world of vanities is wood veneers which are specially made from wood with a unique wood grain, such as “burl” or “crotch” patterning. The current trend is creating more intricate pattern by arranging multiple veneer pieces rather than using the simple patterned sheets. Elegant tree-ring style or starburst designs are the two most alluring examples of such pattern.

Rustic Wood Grain:

Veneers are used to create a more rugged, rustic and earthy appearance exhibiting a more standard wood grain or signs of weathering. This rustic wood grain is another hot trend today.

Aged Wood:

Shifting towards natural wood is quite a trend in the field of vanities. These varieties firmly resemble the weathered wood found outdoors and reflects the natural beauty of the wood. Aged wood bleached to a sophisticate gray is getting huge popularity these days.

Blonde Wood:

A surge in the demand for blonde wood is there as well. The light colored wood goes well with saunas and brings in an open, airy, natural feel to create a simple, relaxed spa vibe. Birch, white pine, white oak, cedar and nude oak are fantastic choices for vanities for your dream bathroom.

Although vanities are mostly found with simple wood finish, the latest trend is favoring painted vanities to evoke a shabby-chic cottage or farmhouse style with a modern twist which is really a hit with high gloss white vanity cabinets. The most on-trend color styles for your vanity would be regular old white,

Modern White Vanity

Modern White Vanity

whitewashed, blue, black and silver, gray and weathered paint from the traditional black and white to unusual blues and various soft pastels.

Whether you want a relaxed, natural style or a sophisticated one, stylish wood vanities are quite a craze these days and seeing a great surge in popularity

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