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Every Small Bathroom Needs A Vanity

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When faced with a small bathroom, a vanity can seem like a necessary evil, especially when you want to add a steam shower and whirlpool tub. A vanity is necessary because all of those items, like razors, soap, hair clips …, need to be stored in the bathroom. The problem is that the vanity can often take up a […]

3 Tips on Keeping Your Bathroom Vanity Clean

One of the messiest places in most households is the bathroom vanity. It holds makeup, bathroom cleansers, toilet papers, and other personal stuff that are best kept clean. Use the following tips in order to keep this area neat and hygienic. Decide on and prepare your vanity cleaner Because there are so many different kinds […]

Vanity Storage Solutions

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VANITY STORAGE SOLUTIONS  Remodeling your bathroom should result in a space that is beautiful, relaxing, and useful. A good way to make that happen is by investing in a vanity with plenty of storage. When a bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space, it leads to clutter and frustration. There are many options for bathroom storage […]

Bath furniture no more storage blues

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Bath Furniture – Easy Storage Options Just like any other room of the house, even the bathrooms need to remain in order. For that you need to make a conscious effort to maintain the peaceful aura of your bathroom. And if you thought vanities are the only option that can help you sustain an organized space then think […]

Modern Vanity Cabinets for Bathrooms

Modern Wall Hung Vanity

To an extent, bathroom vanities are a purely functional bathroom item. They often hide the sink’s piping from immediate exposure, provide storage space for toiletries and bathroom necessities, and provide counter space for your daily routine of getting ready and winding down after a long day’s work. Yet, the modern bathroom asks for more out […]

Antique Style Vanities

Antique Vanity

Antique Mission style home décor has long been popular and is always a great choice when you’re undecided on a specific style or design. One place where mission décor really shines is in the bathroom. The Antique mission style looks clean, fresh and energetic in the bathroom and often helps to give the bathroom a […]

Double Vanity Sinks In Bathroom: Twice as Beneficial?

Bathroom Double Vanity

Roomy or partner, nobody wants to bump into someone in the bathroom on a lazy morning! And no matter the intimacy, no one wants to see someone’s toothpaste drool – or have it as one’s hazy yet unforgettable memory for the day. A double vanity sinks option is probably a bath fixture whose time has […]

Bathroom Vanity Storage and Organization

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Even the largest of bathrooms can become cramped and crowded with frequent use. You never really think about how many things you keep in the bathroom until your forced to clean it out or you go to store something away and realize there’s no more room left. The tricky thing about adding more storage space […]