Double Vanity Sinks In Bathroom: Twice as Beneficial?

double vanityRoomy or partner, nobody wants to bump into someone in the bathroom on a lazy morning! And no matter the intimacy, no one wants to see someone’s toothpaste drool – or have it as one’s hazy yet unforgettable memory for the day. A double vanity sinks option is probably a bath fixture whose time has come and going by the numbers it’s selling online, we got to take note of it!

So, what’s the deal with installing double vanity sinks?

Dual sinks come at a price you’ve got to pay – ample space:

This doesn’t mean less space makes it impossible to install them! When a myriad of options are available in the market, dual sinks can be installed even in less spacious bathroom. You can go for a contiguous attached model as compared to two standalone sinks. A standard sink comes with 18 inches width, so, dual pieces need a good 6 foot space. There’s one more benefit if you choose attached sinks – the dual pieces can sit atop one vanity, a huge saving on the budget.

A whole new range of fixtures and vanities await a dual sink choice:

When you choose to install dual sinks, you might need to consider a new set of fixtures to go with the sinks. Renovation is a tricky business! Once a project starts, an individual goes for the whole overhaul. And why not, if time and budget permits. But if complete remodeling isn’t what you want to do at this point, make sure to buy sinks which match with your existing bath interiors.

The choice is limitless and interesting:

The prefabricated pieces are by far the best ones as you can already see them and can get a clear picture on whether it is spacious or not. Custom made is the choice as these can be tailored to the exact dimensions you want in case there’s no space constraint in your bathing space.

A renovated bathroom or house adds value to your property. It’s a long-term investment which adds to the re-sale value of your property. If the time is right, and the budget is within what you saved for, bath remodeling is an idea which is worth it.

Whether to overcome space issues or for aesthetic purpose, the idea of two freestanding sinks on a vanity at two different locations in a bathroom is also a good option. So, when it comes to stylish interiors, there’s no dearth of possibilities.

Pick the style that’s right for you. Hope you find what you’re searching for with us !


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