Antique Style Vanities

Antique Mission style home décor has long been popular and is always a great choice when you’re undecided on a specific style or design. One place where mission décor really shines is in the bathroom. The Antique mission style looks clean, fresh and energetic in the bathroom and often helps to give the bathroom a polished, classy feel. Antique style vanities are usually tan or light brown in color and are similar in feature, but can vary in size and specifics. These are some of the mission style vanities that we liked best, and we hope they will help spark some creativity in your own search for the perfect vanity design.

Antique Style Mission Vanity
This medium-tone mission vanity with granite counter-top and drop down sink is a traditional design with classic drawer handles. This vanity would do well in an antique or old-style bathroom and is sure to fit with a wide variety of bathroom colors and textures.

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Modernized Mission Style Vanity
While similar to the vanity above, this vanity is lighter in color and keeps more of its interior wood color. Not only is the color lighter, but the vanity has also been customized to take on a more modern design. The vanity features marble countertops, vessel sinks, and contemporary faucets, making it not only unique, but very attractive. While this vanity still maintains the mission-style composition, it also has a unique personality all its own.

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Functional Mission Style Vanity
This lovely vanity design takes its cues from both old and new mission vanity designs, featuring the perfect fit for an array of bathroom styles. The body of the vanity has an aged, sophisticated look, while the surface features white pearl marble countertops, contemporary dropdown sinks, and wall mounted copper faucets. This vanity design promises to look great in both contemporary and antique bathroom designs and does a great job of keeping classy with contemporary styles.

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These are simply a few of our favorite mission vanities, and we hope they’ve sparked your interest. Antique style vanities are a classic design and look great with many bathroom features. They’re also a great style to start with if you’re considering building your own vanity or looking for your next DIY project. Provide your feedback in the comments below, and let us know what you think!

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