Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Panels vs Shower Systems


A shower is a great way to relax after a long day. It allows you to get rid of the dirt and grime that you have accumulated throughout the day and rest easy at night knowing that you are clean and refreshed. As such, many people believe that having a great set of shower accessories is ideal.

The different types of showers and shower accessories have greatly evolved over the years. In the old days, showers consist of a long tube attached to an upright stand and a faucet. Water would come out from the tube and onto the person’s bod. Today, showers vary from shower panels to shower systems.

These two types of showers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown for both.

Shower Panels advantages

Shower Panels Advantages:

They’re easy to installShower panels can be easily removed and attached to any regular water supply and bathroom. It comes with easy to install bolts and screws and instructions to help you add them to your shower.

They come in many designs – the different shower panel design can fit any bathroom design. They come in sleek chrome and so much more. Choose from minimalist designs to a more elaborate design.

They do not take up a lot of space – The compact design of a shower panel makes it easy to install and remove.  It is also very easy to transport should you need to take it with you to a new apartment. It is perfect for small bathrooms.

Shower Panel Disadvantages:

Some shower panel designs do not allow you to change the showerhead – some designs have fixed showerheads. This means you cannot change the showerhead if you want to.

Shower System Advantages:

They are more flexible in terms of design – Shower systems can be installed on any kind of bathrooms with any design. These are not held together in one single panel. They can be attached to different bathroom surfaces as you wish.

They give bathrooms a classic look – Shower systems provide classic looks to any kind of bathroom. Their designs are very simple and can easily blend in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Most of them allow you to change the showerheads – the showerheads for this kind of shower can be changed and detached easily. If you wish to have a different one after the old one has rusted and such, you can just buy a new one and put that in place of the old one.

Shower System Disadvantages:

They sometimes take a long time to install – Shower systems often need to be installed piece by piece on your bathroom wall. This will require removing bathroom tiles, and putting them back again once the system is installed. This can also damage your bathroom wall if the contractor that you hired is not very good.

They often require a specialized tool or expert plumber to install – Unlike shower panels, most shower systems require you to get an expert plumber before you can have them in your bathroom. The cost of doing it yourself and having some fix your mistakes later is larger than getting it done right the first time with a good plumber or contractor.

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