3 Bathroom Updates to Do This Weekend

Want to know some of the bathroom updates you can do on weekends? Refresh your bathroom with these affordable makeover ideas. Read on!

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Fresh Coat of Paint
Painting is an easy and affordable way to really spruce up any room. With the right color schemes and a little bit of time, you can make a bathroom look like a completely different space. Choose a lighter color to liven up a space or a more neutral tone for a clean feel. You can also add texture to walls and adapt the color to meet any existing decor. The best part about painting is that you can always choose a different color if things do not go exactly as planned, so experiment with different options and have fun! Source: DoItYourself

Custom Lighting
Another way to instantly add personality to your bathroom is with lighting. Most bathrooms come with fairly standard lighting around the mirror and a standard overhead light. There is no hard design rule that says these have to stay, so look at lighting that works for you. A pendant light overhead, or even a small chandelier can work, if that is your style.

Vanity lights around your mirror should fit how you use the space. If you apply your makeup here, make certain that you have clear and true lighting. Vanity lights can face upwards or downwards, so think about what works during your install- upwards is softer, and may cast more shadows. Downwards is brighter, and may work better for everyday use. Source: SaddleTreeHomes

Artful Organization
Cover all the walls with art, gallery-style, and you’ll change the whole feel of the room. This bathroom design has frames hung on already textured walls for an extra layer of style. The result is super cozy. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Fresh Fixtures
Do you find yourself constantly scrubbing your sink faucet, only to find that it’s still dirty after the next use? This may be a good indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. Why not nix your classic silver faucet and go with a polished brass instead?

A simple way to revamp your bath is to buy a new shower curtain. Find one with a bold pattern to instantly spruce up your space! Source: LaurelAndWolf

Fabulous Flooring
Since the space is small, the cost of replacing the flooring is budget-friendly. Our designers will help you find the perfect flooring for you bathroom, and will install quickly as well. Choose an updated tile, or hardwood, or go for something bold in your small space.

Is there a project in your home you want to tackle, but just don’t know where to start? Contact us to put together a short timeline, a weekend or just a couple of days, to help you achieve that ‘honey-do’ list you’ve been putting off! Source: KruperFlooring


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