4 Tips on Bringing Nature into the Bathroom

Regardless of the season, incorporating nature into the bathroom can give it a warm, relaxing ambiance everyone is longing for. To do this, follow the following tips:

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Add a bloom
The natural, varied colours of even a single living bloom will warm up a pale bathroom scheme a treat. We so often save fresh flowers for our more public rooms, but why not grab one flower from a bunch destined for the living room and display it in your bathroom. Source: Houzz

Waterfall showers
There is just something undeniably soothing about listening to the sound of a gushing waterfall. It makes you feel one with nature. You can replicate that by installing a waterfall shower in your bathroom.

Fusing a waterfall shower with abundant tropical greenery also creates the kind of environment you’d find in a luxurious spa hotel – or the Amazon rainforest. It’s so lush, you’ll feel like an Amazonian goddess every time you take a shower. Source: LifestyleAsia

Use natural materials
Another strategy is to use materials such as stone or wood which are normally found outdoors and make them a part of your home’s interior décor. Make sure they stand out. For example, a stone washbasin in the bathroom would be a really interesting feature. Source: Homedit

Pebble Garden under the sink
A pebble garden is simple to create and easy on the pocket. Forget vitrified tiles and go for some pebble love on the floor; so natural yet so quirky! A tiny area of the floor covered with pebbles right under the sink keeps it subtle; just in case you do not like the drastic impact that an entire pebble floor has on a room (though some prefer that too). Source: Homify

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