What is an Eco Friendly Toilet

Many people have questions about Eco Friendly Toilets or low flow toilets and how they work and if they are any good. In our youtube interview with Aaron Gruenke from we debuff the misconseptions surrounding dual flush toilets and how they work and what features to look for in a quality Eco Friendly dual flush toilet.


Here is an excerpt transcript of the interview below:


Rob Green: Hey, there! Rob here and I am here with Aaron from PerfectBath. I wanted to ask a few questions around Eco-friendly toilets and answer some of the common questions and frequently asked questions that people have when they are stopping and considering an Eco-friendly toilet. Thank you so much for joining me here in Aaron and how is your day so far?


Aaron from Oh, it is great. I am always happy to help you out there Rob  answer your questions and everybody else questions.


Rob Green: Awesome. Awesome. Can we start off with… I guess what is an Eco-friendly toilet. What makes a toilet Eco-friendly?


Aaron from Well, that is something that is kind of a new buzzword. A buzzword that people are using. That term is “Eco-friendly”. What it really amounts to is the toilets that use a lot less water. There are more water efficient. They are more friendly to the environment and that is what Eco-friendly toilet is. The new toilets they use 3-5 L of water versus the old ones that use half a lake. You know, it is 11 to 15 L per flush. So, these are using just a small portion but they still perform just as well or better than the old toilets.


Rob Green: Well, that is awesome. Along the idea of Eco-friendly toilets. I’ve heard the term WaterSence. Is it a certification or something? I’ve had questions around what water since really is.


Aaron from Yes, so the water since certification. It started in California and it is a rating of high quality toilets that perform well on less water. So, when you have that rating of the water since you will qualify for a rebate from your municipality. There is a benefit to making sure that you using a Water-Sense rated toilet because you do get that rebate for changing out a toilet in your home.


Rob Green: Very cool. Very cool. When we are talking about Eco-friendly. A lot of times you hear people talk about a dual flush versus a single flush toilet. When it comes to that. It is intuitive what that means but do they work how they say they do? I’ve heard horror stories about dual flush versus single flush toilets.


Aaron from Yes, the older dual flush toilets when they first started coming in. They did not perform quite as what they were expected to do.  A lot of people they used to flush them two and three times in order to get all of the waste out. The new dual flush toilets, the perform much better. The Eago toilets which we are very proud that we sell. They perform exceptionally well. They use 3 litres on a single flush button. So for the liquid waste you use a single flush option. For solid waste you use a dual flush option which uses 5 1/2 litres.  So you’re able to fraction it down to use less water than what a regular single flush toilet which would be about 5 1/2 L for every flush. That is even with new more efficient toilets.


Rob Green: Okay, very cool. With the newer one like a quality dual flush toilet does work as advertised if you will say. It is the older ones. I guess, is a less quality product. Right? That has problems.


Aaron from Absolutely.


Rob Green: Okay. Very good. Other than dual flush I’m looking for WaterSense to be able to get rebates and all of that. What other features should people be considering whey they looking for a quality toilet?


Aaron from Do you know that is something that a lot of people never thought of before. It is what are things to look for in a toilet? They always thought that, “a toilet is a toilet”. Well, when you look at some of the new more innovative toilets they have one piece designs. They do not have a separate tank and they do not have the big cutouts on the side where the mounting bolts are and it’s difficult to clean. The newer toilets they are fully skirted. They are easy to clean. They are all one piece. Most of the good quality toilets they are at a comfort height which means that when you sit down you not feel like you’re sitting half on the floor. There are generally about 17 1/2 inches versus a regular standard toilet. A regular standard toilet is about 14 – 15 inches. So, you are sitting a little higher and a little more comfortable.


Some of the other features that you can look for is slow-close seats.  If someone gets up in the middle of the night. They’re not going to be clunking the toilet seat down. Women are always complaining that men forget to put the toilet seat down. Well, with the newer toilets they have the slow-close seats. They will automatically close for you. The toilet never stand up.


Rob Green: That is awesome. I did not know that they make that with toilets now. Where it will automatically put the seat down. That is awesome. I have another question that is a little bit off-topic from the “Eco-friendly” but it is something that comes up a lot. If you are installing a toilet in your basement. I’ve heard some people talk about trying to find the correct size or having toilets work properly in the basement. Is there anything that people should be considering when they are making that decision for toilets specifically for basements.


Aaron from Yes you want to make sure that your toilet has enough flow. Generally most of the quality toilets will use a map rating. You want to look for a toilet that is close to 1000 MPA which is the map rating. That signifies the amount of water that is going to push or flow in one flush. In a basement you make sure that you are getting all the waste out of the pipes. The other thing that you want to do is that a lot of people are looking for the rough-end spot. That is because it is specially the case in older homes where the 10 inch rough-end the concrete you cannot easily change that.  You do not have a lot of choices with 10” toilets typically. One thing that we like about the Eago brand toilets is because you can use the same toilet that you use in your standard 12 inch rough-in. You can use that it is a 10 inch rough-in toilet as well just by changing a mounting flange which we are able to supply to our customers. That gives us more options that they can still use an elegant looking toilet even in these difficult applications.


Rob Green: Very cool. That is awesome that you can…essentially almost like an adapter that you are using. What did you call that again?


Aaron from It is just a different mounting flange. The flange mounts to the floor then you just drop the toilet on top. Then you put silicone around it and it makes it super easy. Most people that are use to the old toilets that you have to bolt down everything. With these new ones you essentially drop them on and they’re good to go.


Rob Green: Wow,  that is very cool. Awesome. Well, I think that is all the questions that I have specifically around Eco-friendly toilets, the features and all of that.  If someone is watching this and they have more questions above and beyond what we are talk about. Is their way they can contact someone at Eago Parts or yourself if they have questions about their specific situation or they are really still trying to make a decision around the toilet?


Aaron from Absolutely. You know that anybody can give me a call personally. Our toll-free number 1-888-556-1912. We are happy to answer any of questions or you can find me an email. I’ll be happy to answer you back. Just send it to We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can to help answer your questions.


Rob Green: Awesome I’ll put that in the description underneath the video so if someone needs the phone number I will put it there. To make it easy. Where would they find you online. It is, is that right?


Aaron from Absolutely. Yes, come check us out. We got some nice bathroom fixtures.


Rob Green: Awesome. Thank you so much Aaron and you have a fantastic rest of your day. If you’re watching this I hope you enjoy this and if you have any other questions definitely shoot Aaron an email and give him a shout.


Aaron from Yes, thanks a lot Rob.


Rob Green: Thanks talk you soon.


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