Tips on Using Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

Using tiles in the bathroom is a common choice for homeowners. But why go for the norm when you can have a much cheaper and stylish option? Find out more on how you can hang wallpaper in the bathroom as you read below:

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Is it possible to use wallpaper in the bathroom?
Experts agree that wallpaper in the living room, dining room, and bedroom is a definite design do, but what about the bath? The truth is that while there is plenty to consider—Won’t all that steam and humidity make the paper peel? (The answer: Not necessarily)—that’s no excuse to deny an oft-overlooked room the statement moment it deserves. If you’re considering incorporating decorative wallpaper in your own bath—as artist Jack Pierson did in his New York apartment, which is featured in the December issue of Architectural Digest—there are plenty of styles made just for damp environments that won’t peel or warp, so cleaning is a breeze. Source: ArchitecturalDigest

In the past few years, the introduction of digitally printed wallpapers has been a total game changer in interior design. You can now have any image you like adorning your walls. Many companies will allow you to upload a photograph, or if you’re a bit creative, your own art or illustration, to create a totally custom wallpaper design. Most digital papers can be easily applied and removed. When you’re ready for a change, depending on which printing method was used, you can either simply peel it from the wall or pre-soak with a damp sponge and remove it in sheets. It won’t damage your walls or leave any sticky residue, so you’re ready to start re-decorating straight away. Prefect for rental properties! Source: About.Homely

You can use it to brighten up even the smallest bathroom
No bathroom is too small for wallpaper. Even the tiniest powder room can be covered in a fun pattern! Dark wallpaper will definitely make the space feel larger but you can totally choose whatever pattern is your favorite. Source: Homedit

What good would the trendy wallpaper do if it’s the dated bathroom fixtures that always catch your attention? Replace your fixtures today with those that are only luxurious in looks, but not in price. Call us today!


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