Tips on How to Have a Comfortable Bathroom

The bathroom is undoubtedly the most peaceful place in everyone’s home. Perhaps, the greatest ideas and biggest decisions are made in the bathroom. And that is why having a comfortable bathroom is as important as a comfortable pillow.

But then what do you mean by a comfortable bathroom?

We all love our bathrooms and hence it is a bit hard to think about a renovation. But by making your bathroom better you are giving a nod to your own luxury. A comfortable bathroom means you don’t need to keep looking where your towel is when your eyes are covered with shampoo, or feel the like the water has suddenly become colder.

Tips for a comfortable bathroom

By following these easy tips and tricks you can make your bathroom much more desirable.

Buy a rug for the entrance

When you enter the bathroom, make sure the first thing you see is a fine quality rug. It should be smooth for your toe and absorbent as well.

Install corner sinks

Sink is necessary for a comfortable bathroom, and preferably in the corner position. That provides room in the bathroom and disable any kind of traffic!

Use wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are good alternatives to shelves. It also lets you keep more things and they are easily attachable to walls.

Install Downlights

Downlights  or skylights as many people call them are extremely popular nowadays and it makes your bathroom comfortable and stylish. It is easily installable in the bathroom ceiling and the LED downlights can be turned on and off automatically with the movement of bathroom doors. So whenever you open the door the downlights turns on automatically.

Glass jars for small things

bathroom-mason-jars-mason-jar-soap-dispenserIt’s good to keep your small things like toothpicks, toothpaste, and toothbrushes in a glass jar. If you do not have a specific space to keep your small things in the bathroom you might need to keep finding it in time.

Use of decorative ladders

decorative-ladder-for-bathroomYou don’t need to dig holes in the wall to create rail to put your towel. Use a small decorative ladder for a beautiful finish instead.







Use mirror in front of your sink as well as in front of the shower

Mirrors can be really helpful to wash you better. When you can have a clear look at your body in the mirror it will make bathing easier.

Use Odonil

Air freshener smells beautiful and it is a nice way to make your bathroom feel like heaven. Remember heaven smells nice!

Have a window

Always have a window in your bathroom in the top of your head height. It should be small and only openable from inside. The purpose of the window is to enter sunlight during the daytime to dry out the place.

Skip shower door

If your bathroom has a smaller place, The bathroom skip the glass door of the shower. Even if your bathroom can afford that space it is not really necessary when you already have a door to lock yourself invisible.

These are few of the best tips to make your bathroom comfortable. Even if you don’t believe, your bathroom develops your lifestyle. So make sure to have a comfortable one (be it bathroom or lifestyle).


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