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Pleasant Ideas on How to Restore Your Bathroom


  Sometimes, when you go to a friends house, you become envious of their bathroom. You end up admiring their beautiful tiles, decorated towels, marble sink, and amazing bathtub. Then you think about your small bathroom and only noticed the toilet and the tub. It could be depressing, but there are ways to renovate or […]

Elegant Bathroom Designs


  Every room in the house should be decorated according to its function and with the right decorating designs as well. Architectural designers have come up with different methods of improving a home to attain the modern and classic look, and these inventions include how to make a bathroom stand out just like the rest […]

Every Small Bathroom Needs A Vanity

Vanity Design

When faced with a small bathroom, a vanity can seem like a necessary evil, especially when you want to add a steam shower and whirlpool tub. A vanity is necessary because all of those items, like razors, soap, hair clips …, need to be stored in the bathroom. The problem is that the vanity can often take up a […]

5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Designer

things to ask interior designer before hiring

  So, you’re ready to embark on that long awaited bathroom renovation. You’ve flipped through all the magazines full of glossy images of steam showers, whirlpool tubs, spa tables, and all manner of luxury items for your very own retreat. Now what? Before you actually sign a contract with a designer, there are some considerations […]

What is Trending Now in Bathroom Design

bath surround

What is Trending in Bathrooms ? Bathroom trends are often changing and improving. The millennial homeowner has many unique options available allowing them to build a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom. Homeowners of 2016 are finding that they no longer have to choose the features that past generations were in love with. Modern trends are […]

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

bathroom design trends

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, or create it from scratch, one important decision involves the material you’ll use for the floor. With some of the bigger decisions that go into constructing a bathroom, the flooring often gets left behind, but it is a crucial part of a bathroom design and can greatly […]

Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

bathroom remodeling ideas

We all have those restless moments when we want to do something different with the décor when the timing and budget just couldn’t be more wrong. Sometimes, however, you just need to do something different so that you don’t end up pulling your hair out. If you want to make some changes to your décor, […]

Tiling Ideas for Your Bathroom

  Tile can be an effective and affordable way to spruce up your design. What’s great about tile is that it doesn’t only have to be used on the floor, but it can also be used for the walls, tubs, vanity countertops and more. Tile can be used for a whole floor renovation or it […]

Things not to do when remodeling your Bathroom

Things not to do when renovating your bathroom

When it comes to remodeling tips, everyone’s full of advice. It seems like plenty of contractors, websites, and designers have suggestions about what to do, how to do it and where to do it at, but when it comes to avoiding the cardinal “don’ts” concerning your bathroom space, there’s considerably less information out there. If […]

How to Design Your Bathroom

How to Design Bathroom

Your bathroom is where you will spend time preparing for the day ahead, plus it provides a space to relax and unwind in an nice bath at the end of a long day. Therefore it is essential that your bathroom is designed both beautifully and practically. When it comes to designing your bathroom there are […]