Tiling Ideas for Your Bathroom


Tile can be an effective and affordable way to spruce up your design. What’s great about tile is that it doesn’t only have to be used on the floor, but it can also be used for the walls, tubs, vanity countertops and more. Tile can be used for a whole floor renovation or it can be used to cover old and outdated materials that need replacing. Sometimes tile gets a bad rap; glossy wood floors and luxurious marble are seen as the materials of the contemporary style, but this idea comes from the idea of tile that was used in the bathrooms of the early 2000s, which now seem outdated and less than sophisticated. But tile can have a truly luxurious and transformative effect on bathrooms as long as it’s the right size and design. Check out some of our favorite tile designs below to get a head start on generating some tile ideas.

Tile the Walls

As we mentioned above, tile doesn’t have to be exclusive to floors. Some of the most attractive designs exist where tile is used to cover the walls of the bathroom, inside of the shower, etc. Most people expect tile to be on the floors if it’s going to be anywhere at all, so finding tile in creative patterns elsewhere is always a nice surprise that really adds to the overall décor of the bathroom.

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Unique Tile Patterns

Where tiled bathrooms exist, we are used to seeing some sort of rhythmic design, usually with blue and grey undertones that match our expectations for what a bathroom should look like. Another great way to use tile is to create your own unique design and don’t be afraid to break from the norm when laying down a new design. These unique tile pieces blend together to present a quilt-like pattern and add magnificent volume to this rustic-style bathroom design.

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Patterned Tile

Tile can be simple and blend together, it can be sporadic and create a free-form feel, or it can be highly symmetrical and create a unique and edgy pattern of its own. The type of tile you choose is entirely up to you, but if you enjoy form and symmetry we suggest searching for the design and pattern that is going to make your bathroom truly special and can be a focal point in the bathroom.

patterns in tiles for bathroom

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Shower Interior

Even if tile isn’t your first choice for the flooring or walls, it can be a great solution for the shower interior of a walk-in unit or add a steam generator to make it a  steam room. If your shower unit has glass doors or is visible from the rest of the bathroom, this can be a great way to make your whole bathroom feel like it has received a makeover while focusing your time and money on one simple area.

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What’s your personal take on tile in the bathroom, or even the rest of the house? Do you have tile in your home? Is it something that you would consider using for a renovation? If not, why not? If so, what is the design or structure you chose? Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments below!

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke bathroom design expert and author. Aaron writes for several magazines and blogs online and offline about bathroom products design and trends.

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