How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the area in your home most susceptible to growth of mold of mildew due to its constant exposure to moisture. To effectively keep this pesky problem at bay, do the following tips:

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Keep your bathroom well-ventilated
Apart from keeping the bathroom clean, it is also advisable to minimize the amount of humidity in the room. Therefore, ventilation is very important. If you do not have an air extractor to expel moist air outside, keeping the bathroom window open can do the job. However, it is recommended to install an air extractor for greater efficiency. If you have an air extractor make sure to keep it running for some 20 minutes after you have taken a shower. In this way you will be eliminating excess humidity from the bathroom. Moreover, to reduce moisture you might consider using a dehumidifier. Since most mold problems are caused by condensation, the dehumidifier will extract the moisture out of the air and store it in a reservoir, which must be emptied regularly. Thanks to a dehumidifier you can reduce the humidity in the air by at least 60 percent. Source: DoItYourself

Wash rugs and towels regularly
The bath mat, bathroom rug and towels are ideal mold growth spots, especially if you leave them unwashed for long periods of time.

One easy way to help fight mold in your bathroom is to wash your towels and bathroom rugs regularly–at least once a week–and together.

Clean towels and rugs means a cleaner, healthier bathroom! Source: TheSpruce

Remove excess moisture
Wipe down the shower and tub as soon as you’re finished. Keep a small squeegee in the shower so it’s convenient; you can get a squeegee very cheaply at a hardware store, home goods retailer, or online. Or use a hand towel or washcloth to do the job. A cloth is particularly good at getting to the tile grout and in the corners where mold has a tendency to start. Source: Care2

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