More Bathroom Trends to Follow This 2018

Want a bathroom that looks like it came straight out of a magazine? Take a few pointers from the following list of the hottest bathroom trends this year:

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The return of color
We’ve been avoiding color in the bathroom for a long time, probably because for a lot of people the idea conjures up images of bad ’70s bathrooms. (Avocado tubs, anyone?). But for a few years now, color has been creeping back into bathroom designs, and I think we’re finally ready to go full bore. The new colorful bathrooms are a lot like the old ones, but with fresher, more modern shapes. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Matte black fixtures
The shine isn’t off warm metals, particularly unfinished brass that changes its patina over time, but there’s a shift away from bright, reflective gold. Dark fixtures in a matte finish have a heritage appeal that represents the next evolution for bathroom fixtures, and offers a strong contrast against white countertops. Source: HouseAndHome

Smart features
From heated floors to self-deodorizing toilets to programmable showers that let users personalize water temperature, function is as important as form when it comes to bathroom design in 2018. Source: NSNews

Statement basins
Increasingly, designers are making a bold statement with vessel-style basins mounted on top of vanity benches. “There are so many ways to make this essential bathroom element the hero of the room by using colour, texture, pattern and interesting shapes – the options are endless,” says Ari Zorlu, managing director at Paco Jaanson.

Basin styles range from delicate, floral-printed ceramics and jewel-toned glass, to rustic bowls crafted from natural stone. Metallics are gaining momentum too, and Zorlu nominates gold as his favourite. “I like how light reflects off it differently throughout the day,” he says.

If you’re pulling together a bathroom on a budget, a decorative, finely sculpted vessel basin is worth splashing out on as it can instantly elevate the room. For even more impact, dress the basin up with a dramatic tap. Source: Houzz

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