How to Use The Color of the Year 2016 in Your Bath & Kitchen Design

How to Use The Color of the Year 2016 in Your Bath & Kitchen Design

The Pantone colors of the year always have a huge effect on fashion, interior design, and art throughout the year. For 2016, Pantone acknowledges the burgeoning trends toward pastel colors by selecting Rose Quartz, a soft peachy pink, and Serenity, a pale, dusty blue, as their colors of the year. They might seem intimidating at first, but both colors are actually extremely easy to integrate into your kitchen or bathrooms.

Make Small Changes

Many people are concerned that covering an entire room in pastels may make it look like a nursery, and they do have a valid point. If you are not entirely sold on Rose Quartz and Serenity, try incorporating small accents throughout a more neutral room. A beige and white kitchen can be livened up with touches of Rose Quartz on appliances or as a backing paper for open shelves, and a gray and navy bathroom can benefit from the calming hue of Serenity on light fixtures.

Update Old Classics With New Colors

Though actual Rose Quartz is an impractical choice for a kitchen, there are other countertop options that mimic the beautiful and trendy color. Granite countertops continue to be prevalent in kitchens, and many suppliers have began including more pale pink granite among their selections. This is a great way to incorporate the trendy color into a classic kitchen material.

Painting One Wall

If you do not want to commit to a fully painted room, just painting one wall has always been a good solution. This tried and true interior design trick is a great way to add Rose Quartz or Serenity to your kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen, having one colorful wall looks particularly nice around a design element you want to highlight, such as a gorgeous view through the windows. In bathrooms, the wall behind the bathroom mirror can be a good way to make an impact.

Create a Fun Focal Point

Many interior designers cringe when they recall the colored bathtubs and toilets of the seventies. However, a recent modern twist on this concept is actually a great way to create a peaceful and stylish bathroom. A freestanding tub with a white interior and a Rose Quartz pink or Serenity blue exterior can be an excellent focal point in a bathroom and create a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Pick Your Color Scheme

Pale pink and lilac-blue may seem like they would be difficult to incorporate into a home, but the colors go well with all neutrals and many shades of blue, green, purple, and even yellow. This means that the Pantone colors of the year work well with more traditionally neutral-colored design elements. For more inspiration on color pairing, check out Pantone’s suggestions for how to match Rose Quartz and Serenity with other colors throughout your kitchen and bathrooms.

Makeover Your Cabinets

Cabinets are an ideal way to give either a kitchen or a bathroom a whole new look. They are extremely easy to paint and repaint, and make a big impact. Both matte and glossy paints work well with the 2016 Pantone colors, so you can pick the right type of finish for your cabinets easily. Cabinets with neutral, clean lines have a surprisingly modern look when painted Rose Quartz or Serenity, while more traditional, detailed cabinets take on a slightly whimsical feel.


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