Utilizing Furniture to Colour the Bathroom


Lately, modern bathroom design has been characterized by minimalist styles and clean lines. People are now opting for acrylic and white ceramic thus thrusting coloured bathroom suites into the past. However, this doesn’t conform to all. Some find the lack of colour somewhat bland. This 2016, adding a splash of colour is said to be a new and upcoming trend. While the trend catches on, it is worth nothing that introducing colour via the furniture is where it all starts.

Bathroom furniture is a must in all bathrooms. It helps keep the room clutter free and pristine looking. It also serves to add flair to the bathroom if the white ceramic surrounding is driving you nuts. Coloured bathroom furniture is definitely the way to go if you are after a striking bathroom that has a unique focal point. What furniture colours should you go for though?


Neutral Tones

For those who are at basic stages of disgust with bland bathrooms, neutral colours are perfect. While they add a bit of colour, they are still close to the white palette. Neutral tones add warmth to the bathroom without shying far from the white we’ve become accustomed to in the room. While it complements white, it only slightly breaks the monotony of white.



Neutral tones are perfect for people who are not that fond of shying away from white. If you are much more open to striking colours, pastel shades are for you. Pale mint green, for example, suits traditional bathroom suites. This colour is usually used in country kitchens but is also apt for bathrooms. Another pastel shade that looks great is light grey. It gives off the impression of a nautical environment and works great with blue palettes. In fact, grey and blue are used almost exclusively together in bathrooms.



Monochrome is something that will definitely make a statement in the bathroom. It gives of a masculine ambiance and is a common style choice in other rooms. In the bathroom, you can accomplish this by introducing black furniture. It will right away spark a contrast between the white tiles and walls. Furniture with high gloss black finishes are great for creating dramatic looks in the bathroom. When viewed side-by-side with the white ceramic, it gives off a sort of an overpowering effect.



Among interior designers, there is one colour that is said to be only for the brave Designer-radiator-vertical-01homeowner. Red offers a very striking look but only if pulled off well. It isn’t a relaxing colour to look at because of its vibrancy but it catches attention quite well. Red furniture brings a unique look to the bathroom and it doesn’t take a lot of red to brighten things up. If you are a daring homeowner, red is the perfect colour for you.


Designing bathroom furniture is a really great way to introduce colour to bland bathrooms. There are numerous shades, palettes and tones you can choose from in the market.  Feel free to experiment and you’ll be surprised at what you arrive at.


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