How to Make Do When Your Bathroom Is Out of Service During Renovations

Homes equipped with more than one bathroom seem much less like a luxury and more of a necessity when it becomes time to have home renovations. Residential plumbing systems aren’t always upgraded by the request of a homeowner. You might unexpectedly require bathroom renovations after experiencing water leakage and you learn that all of your bathroom’s plumbing has to immediately be replaced. When you need a porta potty you have to make a decision quick. Will one porta potty be enough for you and your family to share and how long will it be until you get full use of your bathroom back? Here’s how you can survive when your bathroom will be out of commission for a while.


Use the Kitchen

This is not to suggest that you use your kitchen to alleviate biological needs. Instead, you can easily use the kitchen sink to brush your teeth, wash your hands, and groom yourself in the morning. Get a small mirror to put right behind your kitchen sink so that you can watch yourself as you trim your beard or apply mascara. Of course, your kitchen sink needs to be completely clean and free of dishes prior to use it for personal grooming purposes. It might be a little weird applying your acne medication in the kitchen, but it’s as good a place as any until your bathroom finishes being renovated.

Rent a Porta Potty

For people who have only one bathroom that is completely out of service or a home in which multiple bathrooms are being gutted simultaneously, porta potty rental is required. Simply put, you are going to need a dedicated, sanitary location to relieve yourself. There’s always the option of getting a composting toilet to use in the interim, but you might still lack privacy if your bathroom is out of commission. There are also makeshift toilets that you can make with five-gallon buckets, toilet seats and kitty litter, but clean-up is going to be very unpleasant.

Get Friendly with the Neighbors

In the event that it is only going to take less than 24 hours before your bathroom becomes accessible again, you may just want to ask the neighbors if you can use the restroom at their home. Of course, you should already know and be friendly with your neighbors before making such a lofty request. If you limit your intrusions to a very short period of time, it is likely that your next-door neighbors won’t mind letting you come over to take a shower and use the facilities.


You probably won’t know how important having full access to your bathroom is until your contractors start pulling out fixtures and taking down walls. If you live near gracious neighbors, you might only need to walk a few extra feet to be able to use the restroom. For people who are expecting renovations to take more than a few days, just rent a porta potty or have an outdoor restroom trailer set up on your property for the time being.


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