Hot Yoga Safety Tips

Did you know that you can practice hot yoga in the comfort of your own home if you have a sauna or other similar type of space?  Before you try it, remember the following safety tips:

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What is hot yoga?
Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions.  From the 1970s through approximately 2010, Bikram Yoga – the only major yoga tradition at that time to add heat and humidity – was known as “hot yoga”. However, from approximately 2012 onward, many unrelated yoga-inspired exercise and fitness trends also began labelling themselves “hot yoga”. Although traditionally associated with the style devised by Bikram Choudhury, “hot yoga” is now used to describe any number of yoga or yoga-inspired fitness styles that use heat. Source: Wikipedia

Stay hydrated
The water you drink before class is just as important as drinking water after class. Many of us don’t think about additional hydration in the summer months and keep our same routine of liquid intake and then hop into the hot studio. In the warmer months, with increased sweating even before you arrive, you need to replace that hydration before you start class. Source: DoYouYoga

Take a breath
You may occasionally feel lightheaded or overwhelmed in hot yoga, especially if it’s your first time. It’s good to challenge yourself, but it’s also okay to take a restorative position like Child’s Pose or Corpse Pose if you feel uncomfortable or sick. Resting will give your body a chance to calm down and adjust to the heat and exercise.

Even if you never sit out during other yoga classes, remember that hot yoga is a different beast that may require a wholly different approach. Source: YogaOutlet

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