Bathroom Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Bathroom Safety Tips


Your bathroom is a workhorse in the house and it’s also a space where we can retreat for a relaxing spa-like session in the evening.  It can be one of the only quiet spaces in a household with few people!  It’s also a place where, for a variety of reasons, safety might be an issue.  It pays to be aware of hazards in your bathroom and how to prevent injuries.

  1. Keep electrical grooming tools away from water. This is a big one, and we often see it ridiculed in comedies, but electrocution is no laughing matter.  Don’t use your hairdryer, electric razors, or other styling tools anywhere where there’s a chance you’ll drop them in water and find yourself at risk for a shock.bathroom-safety-precautions
  2. Make sure that bath mats are secure against the floor. Bath mats are wonderful to step out onto after you’ve showered or bathed, but they can also offer a slipping or tripping hazard.  The best mats have a rubberized bottom so that they won’t slip and end in a bad fall.
  3. While showering you’ve no doubt noticed that the tub can become very slippery. A great idea is to invest in a rubberized anti-slip mat for inside the tub.  Some of them even come with suction cups on the bottom.  You can either leave it in place if everyone showers, or drape it over the tub to dry if there’s a chance someone will be having a bath instead.
  4. Wall handles on the tub are also a great idea, especially if your household incorporates little ones or seniors. This can help not only to prevent a slip but also to help people with limited mobility in and out of the bathtub.  In serious cases of limited mobility, it’s also a great idea to have a handle installed by the toilet.
  5. It’s not nice to think about anyone walking in on you when you’re using the bathroom, and most of them have locks on the doors. If you have children, however, you might want to rethink this when they’re small – especially before they’re school aged.  A small child can get into a lot of trouble behind a locked door and they might not be aware of how to unlock it.
  6. Keep sharp objects tucked away in a high, safe location. This can include razors, nail clippers, or tweezers.  It’s best to keep these objects hidden from sight from young children who may hurt themselves trying to use them.
  7. Keep your light bulbs changed. There are so many obstacles and hard surfaces in a bathroom that a fall can become disastrous.  Lighting is key, so you’ll want to ensure that burnt out bulbs are replaced quickly, and that the lighting you have is in a good location to light up any potential hazards.

The inevitable, of course, happens no matter how safety conscious we are. However, with a little foresight and a keen eye for potential hazards, your bathroom can be made a lot safer.


This article was written by Katie from Steam Shower Store. Katie has been writing articles for over 10 years and is a commanding voice in the health and fitness community with her articles high in demand.

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