Amazing Health Benefits of Steam

Who knew that you can benefit so much from just sitting in your steam shower? If you don’t have one yet, then the following reasons will surely have you placing an order in no time:

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Reduced blood pressure
Research shows that in a steam room, some people’s bodies release hormones that change their heart rate. One of these hormones, called aldosterone, regulates your blood pressure. When aldosterone is released from sitting in the steam room, it can help lower high blood pressure. This is part of the reason that the steam room makes you feel relaxed.

Stress relief
Being in the steam room can also decrease your body’s production of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that regulates the level of stress that you feel. When your cortisol levels drop, you feel more in control and relaxed. Spending a few minutes in a relaxed state not only improves your health, but also helps heal your mind and improve your focus. Source: HealthLine

Solution for problem skin
If you suffer from dry skin or conditions that get easily irritated by extremely drying weather or sweating (hello eczema and dermatitis), then a steam room could be a far better friend to you than a sauna. Hart notes that the warm, damp air will work to drench the skin in moisture, hydrating rather than stripping it. Oily, acne-prone skin could benefit too, as the moisture can help to rebalance overactive sebum glands while the heat and humidity work to simultaneously unclog and cleanse. Source: Byrdie

Faster recovery from a workout
During exercise, metabolic waste is built up in muscles, which causes soreness and fatigue. Combining a steam shower with a cold bath or shower can help flush out this waste. Alternating between the heat of the steam and the cold bath causes a pumping action in the capillaries and rids muscles of the waste. Alternate between one minute of steam and one minute of cold water to initiate the pumping action. Source: LiveStrong

If you think the best thing you could ever fit in your bathroom is a steam shower, then wait till you see a steam shower combined with a whirlpool tub. Imagine all the health benefits you can get! It’s like having your own spa at home. Call us to find out more!


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