5 Tips for a Better Sauna Experience

A sauna experience should be simple. You only have to enter and stay for a few minutes, sweat it out, and leave, isn’t it? However, that’s not all. Here are some great reminders that will help you enjoy this activity even more:

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Don’t go straight into a sauna after eating
Saunas increase the flow of nutrients (glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, and oxygen) via the circulatory system. While it may seem like the perfect time to be pulling in more via digestion, the reality is that digestion gets put on the back burner while the circulatory system ramps up nutrient delivery to the muscle and skin. For that reason, it’s best not to eat a heavy meal right before stepping into a sauna. Source: Mommypotamus

Sit up
While laying across the bench is totally fine (and relaxing!), Kaps recommends sitting up to really reap the benefits. This way the heaters will be directly aimed at the front and back of your body. “You want your body to absorb as much of the infrared as possible, so you want the infrared directly at your body core, both front and back.” Source: NutritiousLife

Stay hydrated
Make sure you’re hydrated before going into an infrared sauna. Drink a glass of water before your session. You can also bring water into the sauna, especially if you’re sensitive to higher heats.

Don’t doze off
Relax, read, meditate, listen to music, or visit with friends. Just don’t go to sleep.

Duration of stay inside
For first-time users, start with 10 to 15 minutes. You can add time each session until you reach the suggested time of 20 to 30 minutes. Saunas come with a timer, so make sure to set it. You don’t want to stay in there too long and risk becoming dehydrated. Source: Healthline

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