4 Popular Types of Bathroom Sinks

There are various designs to choose from when it comes to selecting your bathroom sinks. In choosing the right sink, one has to consider not just the added value to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, but also its functionality. Below are 4 of the most popular types of bathroom sinks and their features:

Ceramic Basin – BA139

Vessel Sink
A vessel sink is one that generally sits completely on top of the countertop, although there are some models that sit partially below the counter.

  • Pros:Unlike most other sinks that are exposed above the counter a little or not at all, vessel sinks demand attention and are a great way to create a statement in your bathroom. As the name suggests, a vessel sink is basically like a large bowl, so it is a great choice if you like a deep sink that can hold plenty of water.
  • Cons:Due to the height of vessel sinks and the way they sit above the counter, careful planning of the counter height, and of the height of the cabinets below, is required to ensure that the sink doesn’t end up being too high and uncomfortable to use — this often leads to less storage space under the counter. Cleaning around the base and back of the sink can also be a bit tricky.
  • Good for:En suite bathrooms. Source: Houzz

Drop-In Sink
The drop-in sink is often called a self-rimming sink or surface mounted sink and is typically installed in a vanity counter top. This style sink is very common to older and newer construction and remodels alike. These sinks can be installed into any type of counter top including plastic laminate, stone, tiles or synthetic composite tops such as Corian® or Silestone®.
These sinks have a lip that is over-sized to the hole and they simply “drop in” a counter top and are pressure fit to the top surface with a clamp system from underneath.
This creates a self-trimming installation without the use of a frame. The bathroom sink itself is typically made from porcelain enameled cast iron or vitreous china. (Kitchen sink versions are often stainless steel). Plumbing waste and supply lines are concealed in the vanity base. Source: HomeRepair.About

Wall Mounted Sink
Wall mounted sinks
 are affixed to the wall and work well in small bathrooms, allowing for usable space below the sink. Even if there’s only room for a wastebasket, the space that it offers gives the bathroom a larger visual feel. Some wall mounted bath sinks feature a decorative cover that’s installed over the plumbing and drain pipe. Source: Home-Style-Choices

Undermount Sink
Installed underneath the countertop, undermount sinks are growing in popularity because they’re easy to clean and offer a seamless appearance. Set beneath marble countertops, this bathroom’s white basin sink gives the space a clean-cut, contemporary feel.  Source: HGTV

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