3 Ways to Deodorize the Bathroom

A foul-smelling bathroom can only be a source of embarrassment and annoyance. Eliminate the problem so you, or anyone else, can use the bathroom in peace. Do the following tips:

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Maintain cleanliness
Simply cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis can help with odors. You should do a routine cleaning once a week. Clean the toilet bowl, lid, and the sides of the toilet. Mop the floor. Clean the bathtub and shower, as well as the sink. You can use over-the-counter cleaning products or your own mixture of baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar. Regular cleaning prevents odors from building up and causing problems.

Use high-quality commercial products when cleaning. Look for products that are specifically designed to target odor. It can help to know what kind of materials things like your sink, tub, and tiles are made out of, as certain cleaners may work best on certain surfaces. Source: WikiHow

Let fresh air circulate
Nothing’s worse for bathroom odors than a humid, badly ventilated space. Getting fresh air moving in and out of your bathroom makes a big difference in how much it smells… or not.

Keeping good ventilation means two things in your bathroom: having a good vent, and keeping the door open when not in use. Vents remove humidity while showering or bathing, and bad odors when doing your business. Keeping the door open also helps clear out humidity and smells. Source: TheSpruce

Light a candle
Want fast remedy to remove bathroom stench? This is one of the handy ways to remove smell from bathroom. Just lit a candle as it will neutralize the bad smell. But don’t use any scented ones. Source: BoldSky

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