3 Ways to Lessen the Stress During Your Toddler’s Bath Time

One of the day-to-day struggles of a parent is bathing a child who absolutely hates being in the water. Make bath time less problematic for both you and your baby by following these great tips:

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Ease bath time worries
Lots of kids have legitimate anxieties about having water poured over their heads. If your children usually cry when you wash their hair, this could be an issue you need to be sensitive to. Make sure the water you’re using is a comfortable temperature, and always warn your kids before you start to pour it over their heads. Consider buying a bathtime visor (a special foam hat that protects your kids’ faces while you rinse their hair), which can help minimize the amount of water that gets into their eyes. Source: TheSpruce

Try new methods
There could be various reasons that your child dislikes bathing. For starters you can try changing his bathing time, maybe bathing time is disrupting his play-time or maybe he is just lazy at a particular time. You could try to switch positions in the bathroom, try a different corner instead of the regular one; your child could like a corner better and cooperate while bathing. You could even start bathing your child’s feet first and make your way upwards since many kids dislike washing their face or hair; you could do this in the end and save yourself some crying time. Source: BeingTheParent

Remember to have fun!
By far the best way to make bath time easy is to make it fun! Get some fun bath toys and play with them with your toddler. You can also sing bath time songs, talk to him or her, or just interact in any way you enjoy. Bath time can be fun for both parent and child, and there’s no better way to make any activity easy than by making it enjoyable! Source: MomTricks

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