3 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer

The household chore that we all probably hate most is cleaning the bathroom. It’s just so difficult to scrub stains once they’ve already built up. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by making your bathroom’s cleanliness last longer. Follow these amazing tips:

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Take a little time to clean up your shower every day
Nothing helps delay mildew stains like a dry shower. Hang a squeegee over the shower head and make it a rule that the last one to take a shower wipes down the walls, tub, and shower doors. A couple extra minutes of work can really minimize cleaning time in the long-run.

You can also quickly zap moisture by opening a window and turning on the exhaust fan while showering. Leaving the door open, even a crack, helps it dissipate. And don’t forget to stretch the shower curtain open when it dries, too. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Tilt your head down when brushing your teeth
Well, I’ve always done it this way, but I see a lot of people who brush their teeth facing the mirror. You know what that does, though? It sends lots of little toothpaste bubbles on the mirror and everywhere on the countertop.

I’ve noticed that if I bow my head and keep it close to the sink, most of these bubbles end up in the sink and rinsed away. Silly? Maybe. But I find it saves me a lot of mirror-cleaning.  Source: TheSpruce

Put soap in the flush tank
You can either add a piece of soap to your flush tank or drop one of the ready-made toilet cleaner bulbs into the tank. In this way, your toilet bowl is getting cleaned every time you flush. Soapy water is slippery, so it doesn’t allow the stains to stick. Source: BoldSky

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