3 Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

There’s no need to spend tons of money on a spa retreat if you have a minimalist bathroom that is just as comforting. You can easily achieve this look by doing the following tips:

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Don’t store too many things
Just because you have the extra storage space, doesn’t mean you need to fill it completely. Keeping empty space empty and only using what you really need is essential to achieving minimalism in the bathroom. Source: Contemporist

Go for a consolidated look
‘Try to unify the space with one colour or material to achieve a clean and unified look,’ says Straughan. ‘Matte grey tiles would be the perfect base to let your other fittings pop, in particular oversized tiles are a super fashionable choice. Other materials like marble, wood or polished concrete will also achieve that clean look as long as the style isn’t too flashy.’ Source: HouseBeautiful

Don’t be afraid to display a few essentials
A lacquered tray filled with jewelry, perfume bottles and soaps. A trio of vases displaying flowers in pastel tones. A countertop display of grooming products, such as hair gel, deodorant and face wash. These are NOT the type of features you will find in a minimalist bathroom. Not that there’s anything wrong with them! But no-fuss spaces keep the bulk of the grooming products and cushy details hidden, instead choosing to highlight a few key pieces. Like a clear vase filled with one or two blooms, or lotion displayed in a crystalline canister. Source: Decoist

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