3 Common Bathroom Problems and How to Solve Them

The relaxing nature of a good warm bath helps us realize things that we don’t normally think about — such as the secrets of the universe or the reason we exist. However, if bathroom problems such as the following exist, they can steal your attention away from your dreamy thoughts. Don’t let these problems ruin your well-deserved alone time:

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Over-splashing tap
Selecting the right design will save you some frustration because the wrong tap with the wrong sink can certainly land you in a watery situation. You certainly don’t want a wet floor each time you turn the tap on! The placement of the sink with the tap defines how much splash it creates. If the sink is too close to the standing tap, the water may spill over the edge when it is initially turned on. The space of the sink also has a part to play as it would guide the water into the sink hole. An overhead tap mounted on the wall would have to be positioned correctly over the sink hole to ensure faster drainage. Also note that some sinks don’t come with overflow holes, so be mindful when you shop. Source: HomeAndDecor

Leaky shower
You may be able to put up with a leaky shower head for a little while, but it’ll cost you on your water bills. On top of that, the excess moisture being leaked to unplanned areas could create mold issues. Fixing your showerhead could be as easy as replacing a gasket, and you can often diagnose it on your own. Source: TheSpruce

Slow drain
Most tub and shower clogs are caused by hair. A simple fix is to remove the drain cover, straighten a wire coat hanger, then bend one end into a small hook. Push the hook down the drain and into the U-shape trap a few inches down. Then twist it around, and carefully pull it back. Chances are good you will have hooked the sizable hairball that was causing your slow drain. Source: BHG

If your leaky fixtures are a recurring problem, replacing them with higher quality ones is the answer! Call us today.


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