Vertical Storage Solutions To Maximize Space in Bathroom

Whether you’ve shifted to a brand new apartment, or are considering  remodeling your existing bathroom, applying vertical storage solutions to maximize space in a bathroom comes handy. With “minimalism” becoming the buzzword in every aspect of human life, a minimalistic bath décor becomes the obvious choice for small-sized bathrooms and apartments.

Utilizing vertical space requires a little bit of creativity, forethought and some planning. Every new house owner may have a new idea to contribute,. We have short listed the ones we thought made great sense and can be adopted by home owners:

bathroom Storage

Why not keep the essential toiletries and magazines above the toilet? This idea may surprise anyone who hasn’t done it before, but gives you an opportunity to keep things within the arm’s reach and give you an instant access. The fun part?  know a friend whose system refuses to cooperate if she isn’t reading a magazine or anything at all readable while sitting on  a toilet. You can safely stack the reading material in a basket that can be kept on that unused spot!

Install a pedestal sink: How about assigning a separate “his” and “her” compartment pedestal sink? Looks both good and rather helpful! The men and women products compartmentalization is an idea that never loses its spark, no matter your relationship status!

Floating selves all the way: Give that lonely corner of your bathroom its due! Install floating shelves at the corners, if  you get them in the right size. Stack whatever you may not need regular or the extras like beauty products, towels, soaps, etc. Make sure that the building material is strong and can support the weight.

A shelf right above the bathroom sink: Modern décor may have not given this time-tested idea its due. A shelf above the bathroom sink is worth keeping no matter the décor you want to use. Few things need instant and frequent access – keep your tooth brush, paste, razor, soap and etc on this extra shelf above the bath sink for instant access.

A stylish wooden pallet on the wall: One can imagine the beauty of a rustic wooden pallet in a bathroom. An absolutely stylish piece, this one can be used to hang stuff. You can also hang jars or towel hangers on it to keep the essential items.

Feel free to share unique vertical storage solutions that you may have tried in your bath space.


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