Tips to Make a Rental Bathroom Look Much Better

The New Year is a great time to make some changes in your home. But how exactly can you renovate your rental bathroom to make it look more high-end without breaking your agreement? Here’s how:

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Choose a luxurious shower head
One change that makes a huge difference, but is often overlooked, is the showerhead. This is one of those upgrades that is worth spending some extra dough. After all, when you’re ready to move, simply reattach the old fixture and take yours to your new abode. Make barely-drizzling showerheads a thing of the past! Source: HGTV

Change up the faucets
Instead of investing in a total renovation of a kitchen or bathroom, just update the faucets to give it the refresh it needs. Source: StyleCaster

Add plants
Make your bathroom even more relaxing by displaying indoor plants. You may opt to add cacti or succulents as these plants are easy-to-maintain. Place them on top of your counter or by the windowsill.

Have enough storage
Don’t just leave your shampoo or soap bottles on the bathroom floor! Invest in sturdy containers and storage bins to keep your supplies and essentials organized. This will make it easier for you to locate items when you need them. Maximize the space under the sink by keeping a few baskets there. Source: RealLiving

Keep the bath/shower visible
In all likelihood, large fraction of your bathroom’s available space is taken up by your bath or shower. As such, when you cover it up with an opaque shower curtain, you’re creating an artificial barrier that makes the bathroom appear much more confined. Replace opaque shower curtains with clear ones, so that all of your bathroom space is visible at all times, and if you have a glass shower door, keep that glass clean and clear. Source: ForRent

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