There was a time when enjoying the benefits of a steam shower was something available only to those who had access to a gym or had the money to have one in their homes. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that nearly anyone can have the very best in steam showers in their home. The question remains, however, what is the best temperature at which to set your steam shower?

Many studies have shown that although the optimal length of time you stay in your steam shower is between 15 and 20 minutes at a time; you could stay for as long as you wish. The temperature that most public steam showers are set at is between 110 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 43 to 46 degrees Celsius. Most experts recommend these temperatures because it is at these levels that the body’s metabolism rises to regulate its core temperature, at which point a higher consumption of energy results. To regulate an increase in body temperature, the blood vessels close to the skin’s surface dilate to allow heat to escape. This results in the body’s need for more blood to fill the demand, increasing the heart rate.

Taking a steam bath is no substitute for a good long run or a workout routine at the gym, but for health benefits, a combination of all these elements can’t be beaten. Whether you use a steam bath to augment your fitness regimen or use it by itself to make yourself feel better after a long and stressful day, the benefits of a steam bath are always there to enjoy. Regardless of what your goal might be, to burn calories, to flush toxins and other impurities from your body, to promote detoxification, cleansing, and add to the hydration of your skin, a steam bath will help.

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