5 Design Steps to Creating the Home Spa Experience

Create your Home Spa Experience

The current trend in bathrooms is “sanctuary”. Smart home renovators strive to create a spa-like environment without leaving home. An inviting personal refuge is easy to create with a little attention to detail. Here are our top steps to transforming your bathroom into a relaxing home spa retreat that a five-star resort would be proud of.

Use lighting and colour wisely
Lighting sets the mood and enhances relaxation, which is why a lack of sunlight in the winter can lower our energy levels and make us depressed. Color also plays an important role in altering our state of mind and influencing our emotions. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used color in treatment sanctuaries for healing, and color therapy is currently used to improve emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Chromotherapy is the use of color and lighting to enhance relaxation. Although candles are popular for creating ambience, you can set the mood by installing a steam shower with chromotherapy lighting that ranges from bright and energy-inducing colors to soft and soothing qualities.

Design for flexibility
Traditional bathrooms were not designed to be changed very much. The modern bathroom should be easy to remodel to suit your mood and lifestyle. Reduce the cost of remodeling by using freestanding tub and shower units that can be easily switched with new units, and moved around with minimal labour and expense. This leaves you free to tile the entire floor space.

Less is more

Create a Spa at Home

Create a Spa at Home

The bathroom is often the first place you visit in the morning and the last place you visit at night. It should punctuate your day, opening and closing it with calm, soothing notes. Create this sense of calm by minimizing clutter. A Zen-like atmosphere can be achieved by decluttering and simplifying.  Rather than hanging nick-nacks and pictures salon style, consider a solo piece of art and a vase with a single flower. Keep clutter to a minimum by using innovative shelving and organizers for your toiletries and cosmetics. Place the tub near the window to bathe in natural lighting.

Get reflective
Homebuilders typically install unframed slabs of mirror in bathrooms, because it’s cheap, but this is a false economy. A beautifully framed mirror can instantly transform a bathroom, creating a home spa-like feel for a relatively low investment. Take the time to visit a reputable framer and get information about quality frames. Low-end framers can offer inexpensive framing but usually are not craftspeople with design experience and the look can cheapen a bathroom. If you want to invest more heavily, there are multitudes of solid wood mouldings in exquisite designs that are handcrafted in Italy and Spain. They vary from the sleek and contemporary to Old World European styling. While the cost can be high, but you’ll be thrilled with the long-term investment of a mirror as an art piece.

Home Spa

Home Spa

Make your bathtub and shower larger than life
Nothing speaks luxury like a colossal bathtub to stretch out in for a long soak, or a spacious, walk-in shower. Hotels and spas are designing bathrooms with separate baths and showers with benches and built-in shelves and soap holders for comfort and convenience. Keep at least 12” – 18” between the shower and tub. Don’t crowd; remember, less is more.

You can create your ultimate in-home spa retreat by using guidelines such as these to think outside the box. Sit in your bathroom for a while. Clear your mind, and breathe. Then, feel what your ideal spa environment would be like. And when you’ve created your new room, you’ll find that it becomes more than just a place to wash and go. It will be transformed into a sacred space, in which tension and irritability vanish. Isn’t that worth the investment?

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