Do Steam Showers Improve your Skin ?

You may know that steam showers are trending in bathroom remodeling, but you may have not known how effective steam showers are at cleansing the skin. In fact, there is a long list of health benefits derived from showering with steam.

Steam showers in the home provide a form of steam therapy. Modern steam shower units come in many dimensions so you can install one in almost any bathroom. Steam generators also use less water than the average shower. Two gallons of water fuels steam for twenty minutes!

Bathing with steam cleanses the skin by making the body sweat in an environment with high humidity. As a result, the body is cleaned better than with a normal shower. First of all, the steam completely covers your body. whereas in a normal shower, only the areas hit by the shower head are cleansed.

English: A complete diagram of the human skin.

A complete diagram of the human skin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The process of sweating releases toxins, dirt and bacteria from the body. This deeply cleanses the skin and empties the pores. This treats blemishes and acne. The skin looks better and the skin tone looks better after a steam shower. It’s also believed that bathing with steam reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Steam showers also improve the body’s circulation. As the blood travels around the body, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the organs, muscles and skin. This is good for the entire body and the appearance of skin.

Steamtherapy also boosts the immune system. The heat creates an artificial fever, which signals to the body that it needs to kick start immunity to fight an infection or an illness. The body swings into a defensive mode and produces more white cells to fight infection. This will also help your body fight skin problems.

Making the skin look good isn’t the only health benefit of bathing with steam. It’s also believed that steamtherapy boosts the metabolism and helps in weight loss. Steamtherapy also treats pain by increasing blood circulation to sore and tired muscles. Steam also opens up the respiratory system’s air passages, decreases the amount of mucus in the body and makes it easier to breathe. This is a great treatment for allergies, a cold, the flu, asthma, bronchitis and more.

Steam showers are also a great retreat for when you need deep relaxation. Taking a shower with steam is more relaxing than taking a regular shower; furthermore, modern steam shower units make it possible to shower with your favorite music playing, with essential oils placed in aromatherapy systems and with chromatherapy lighting.


The Ariel Platinum DZ972F8 Steam Shower is an example of a modern modular steam shower unit.

steam shower tub retrofit

It has a 6KW steam generator, 20 acupressure massage jets, chromatherapy lighting, rainfall ceiling shower, a handheld shower head and two stools. It’s also retrofit to fit into a standard bathtub space or standard shower space.


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